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Busaba Eathai

Busaba Eathai

So this is one Thai restaurant I keep on going back to. Of all the Thai places I have been to in London, Busaba Eathai stands out the most. Not too expensive and very laid back to eat at. You get to share these huge tables with everyone else. A very community feel but it’s still London so no one talks to each other!! ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway, I love this place! Their Thai Monkfish Curry is extra special so you have to try it and as much as I love trying new dishes, I keep on coming back for this curry. I would definitely recommend to try their food at least once!! By now I have pretty much tried everything on their menu. ๐Ÿ˜€ Now that’s one happy belly!

And in Busaba’s own words:

“Ten years from its inception, Busaba is renowned for its core cult following of loyal customers. The combination of its stylish interior, chattering atmosphere and mouthwatering food provide London with a youthful yet sophisticated dining venue and it continues to be one of the cities hottest tables”

From their Pad Thai to their Garlic Pepper Ostrich, this is one Thai restaurant you have to try!

For more information on the restaurants and their menu, click here.


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