Princi Bakery

On my days off, I like to go on a trip to discover great places to eat. If I were an animal, I would call it my “hunting” trips! It was one of these days strolling through Soho that I found this lovely Princi bakery on Wardour Street. The smell of freshly baked bread was wafting through and calling at me “come in…come in..” To be honest, I get pulled towards food no matter what!

Once you enter, you have the glass panel and shelves full of Italian goodness. An assortment of breads, desserts, savoury food and Italian delicacies- it is a little piece of Italy in Soho. Behind their counter, they have the fire oven and you can see the fire wood neatly piled as if it’s just for show but no, it’s not. They actually bake their bread behind the counter. Carbs! Carbs! Carbs! But I don’t care!

You can expect to wait for at least 15 minutes or so as this place is always full no matter what time you go here. That goes to show how popular this bakery really is. Anyway, I shall stop talking and let you enjoy the photos I took. For more information on the bakery and its whereabouts, please check their website.

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