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If you’ve got fussy friends where someone prefers to eat a burger, someone wants Thai, Mexican or even Lebanese Mezze? Then Giraffe is the place for you. It is a place where you’ll find bits from every cuisine.

Right from the horse’s mouth “We wanted to create a friendly, welcoming place where a smile goes a long way!

It’s about exploring the wonderful foods from around the globe and opening our ears to music from around the world.” Giraffe truly encompasses all the different cuisines and flavours or the world- Lebanese, American Fast food, Mexican etc. “Juliette, Russel and Andrew decided to open the kind of restaurant they would like to hang out in.

Somewhere relaxed where people could have a great coffee and freshly cooked food at any time of day – all to the spirited sounds of world music so you could imagine yourself being anywhere from Sydney to Israel – somewhere sunny and full of smiles”

You will be looking at under £15 including your main and drink and if you order a starter than probably under £20-£25.  They always have some kind of offers going on so always check their website for any latest offers. A very lively atmosphere. Their branch along the South Bank is a lot better if you want to enjoy the fresh air and people around the London Eye.

My most recent visit was yesterday to their Stratford branch in Westfield. The service was great and the staff was friendly. It was a lively atmosphere with everyone having a good time. In terms of food, I loved the sweet potato fries- you MUST try them. Everyone was just downing them like there was no tomorrow! However, they do need to improve on the wasabi rice. My friend did not like it at all. If you’re a vegetarian then try their Hot Mezze which my friend loved. Have a look through the photos and see if they entice you enough to visit this place! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click here to visit their website for more information, latest offers and their menu.


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