Umai Sushi

If you’re going to be at Westfield Stratford any time soon or near Regent Street, do visit Umai Sushi. Located just opposite Waitrose, this place is a sushi heaven for anyone who loves eating this Japanese delicacy. In London, sushi bars and restaurants have become quite common now. But having tried quite a few sushi bars, I would say Umai takes the cake (till I find another amazing place worth sharing :P) in terms of value for money and quality. If you’re looking for cheap and good quality sushi with a lot of variety then Umai is the place to go.

Often, my lunch hours are spent feasting on sushi from this place. As is evident from my lunch spread below (I was hungry!):

If you’re into trying different things then you have an option of eating Green Tea Pudding.

They also do cold pancakes of all sorts including pancake sandwiches with chocolate filling, gyozas, vegetable tempura and what not!

They also have a branch in Japan Centre near Regent Street. For more information on Umai, menu and locations, please click here. Enjoy rest of the photos! 😉 nom nom nom!!

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