My Old Dutch Pancake House, Holborn

I had been hearing about this place for a while and decided it was finally time I went here and see what all the fuss was about! Located conveniently a minute away, on the high street when you’re walking straight past Sainsbury’s, when you come out of Holborn Station and with it’s orange paint you can’t miss this place!- My Old Dutch is a gem. And this visit will be a first of many. Why you ask? Because they serve HUGE platters of sweet and savoury crepes, they do Monday Madness that means all their pancakes are for a flat £5, their milkshakes are creamy and thick and their pancakes are pretty darn good! One meal from there will fill you up for the whole day which is sad because I wanted to try more food!

I ordered the Chilli Con Carne Pancake with Tortilla chips, Guacamole and Sour Cream where as my friend had more of a sweet tooth and ordered Mini Pancakes with Nutella rather than maple syrup. She was squealing with joy- she was THAT happy! I’m pretty sure they didn’t add anything to her meal though but she was ecstatic! May be they were just really good!

My Old Dutch has a lovely, laid back and cosy ambience, a great place for a breakfast, brunch, lunch or whatever! Feast yours eyes with the pics. (and I’m still full!!)

Chilli Con Carne Pancake

Mini Pancakes with Nutella


For more information on My Old Dutch, please click here.

6 thoughts on “My Old Dutch Pancake House, Holborn

  1. Hey. I love pancakes house (of course, I would, I’m half dutch!) The mini pancakes you sound so fond of are called Poffejeres and omg! they’re amazing! Keep on writing your food diaries, I love reading them as a fellow food bloggee!

    1. wow.Thank you and appreciate you for correcting me! 😀 Have you been to my old dutch? I’m not much of a sweets person but man! these were so fluffy and gooey. haha I’m drooling thinking about them!

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