Tinseltown Diner

If you’re looking for some American style dining of cheese burgers and shakes, then this is the place for you! Tinseltown Diners serve up monster shakes- I personally love their Ferrero Rocher shake and big juicy burgers. They also do steaks and meat platters among other food options. They always have some sort of deals going on like Lunch Specials, Meal deals and they have deals going on their Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. A great place to go with your friends and chill out! It is conveniently located in four parts of London so it is easy to get to.

One of their Central London branches is in Farringdon, near Fabric nightclub (not giving you any ideas! :P), and it is open 24 hours!! (Well may be I am! hah!)

Here’s a link for their website so you can bag some deals! Click here.

Or follow them on Twitter if you want an instant update and want to bag some awesome deals as they come: @tinseltownuk

Browse the photo gallery for some mouthwatering burgers and shakes!


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