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Persian Palace- W13 9AU

Persian Palace- W13 9AU
Zereshk Polo Chicken served with specially prepared Persian style rice including Barberry striped with saffron

Apologies for being MIA for a while. With work and illness, I was not a happy bunny. Boo! But I could not wait to get back and share more amazing places with you guys.

So the latest offering has been my favourite since my university years. Us friends would pile into one car and make our way to this place for a meat feast! And Iranians do know a thing or two about making the most juiciest and succulent kebabs! 😉

As the name suggests, it is an Iranian place to eat. They do not serve any alcohol but you can take your own booze if you want. You can order a huge meat platter to share which costs around £30-£40 pounds and four people can eat so it makes it really economical considering the amount of food. Or you can order individual portions of Chicken or Lamb Koobedeh (mince lamb kebabs cooked on skewers) served with grilled tomatoes, salad and a choice of steamed rice with butter or plain bread. The bread they serve is soft with the right amount of crispness and it is made fresh. The food they do is very typical of Iranian cuisine. This place is located near anyone living in West London or outskirts or London.

The decor is not that amazing. Very basic tables and chairs but the entrance is quite nice with an open fire burning oven where they cook their breads near the reception area.

My suggestion is you order a platter and one or two dishes if you’re really starving. As you can see from the photos, their portions are HUGE! They also do an amazing starter Kashke bademjam (v) i.e.  a Fried aubergine mixed with whey, flavoured with sautéed Garlic & mint. Have it with bread. To be honest it can pass as a light lunch. More like the Pakistani equivalent of “Baingun ka bhurta”.

For more information:

Persian Palace, located near West Ealing Station
143 Uxbridge Road
London W13 9AU, United Kingdom
020 8840 2015

Click here to redirect to the Persian Palace website.

Lamb Koobedeh with salad, yogurt and mint sauce and steamed rice with melting butter on top.
Jojeh kebab Boneless chicken traditionally skewered and grilled to perfection on an open fire served with rice
The Persian Palace Platter served with four plates of steamed rice.
The Persian Palace Platter served with four plates of steamed rice.
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