Patisserie Valerie, King’s Road London

I went to see my friend for a lunch date and we wanted to try a place that served a light lunch that was not too heavy on the stomach. So while shopping at Zara, we exited the store right in front of Patisserie Valerie. As the name suggests, it is more of a bakery but on looking at the menu we were pleased to find out they do serve a good selection of brunch menu.

It was started by a Belgian-born lady called Madam Valerie in 1926 (courtesy Patisserie Valerie website). They specialise in cakes and pastries of all kinds. But we were more interested in their savoury stuff on the day. Since, I had not eaten anything, I was more interested in eating eggs so I ordered Eggs Benedict Royal while my friend opted for a mozzarella and pesto panini served with crisps. The hollandaise sauce served on the eggs I ordered was perfect. I topped it up with a bit of black pepper and I devoured it like anything!

It’s a nice cafe to visit if you’re visiting King’s Road or just stepped out of the Saatchi & Saatchi art gallery. On a sunny day, this place is always packed! This cafe also does some amazing desserts and mouthwatering cakes so do give them a go with a cappuccino if you’re more in mood of a dessert. They also take orders for birthdays/weddings/special occasions through their website so do give it a visit. It has all the information you need in regards to their menus, locations and the delicious cakes they do!

Patisserie Valerie- Website

What a sucky day!

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