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The Breakfast Club- Soho W1F 8EU

The Breakfast Club- Soho W1F 8EU

On a cloudy Sunday morning, there is nothing better than diving into a full blown English breakfast and when you have it at a place called THE Breakfast Club (The caps are my own doing. I like the sound of emphasising on “the” ha ha), then surely nothing could go wrong on that day. So over the Jubilee weekend, my friend and I embarked to find out what this place was all about since I had heard about it and never managed to visit the little café in Soho.

I am running late (as usual!) and my friend is shouting down the phone at me telling me there is a queue. So for me, that’s a good start because this place is obviously good! On deciding whether to stay or leave, I tell her to stay as we might as well give this place a go. I don’t want to think “Wonder what the breakfast would’ve been like”. Anyway, by the time I got there it time for a brunch and she already had a table on the ready. Yay! Perfect timing. For me 😛

I liked the way this place stands out, with the whole front painted in a yellow yolk colour. I can definitely pick it out from a distance.

The winter chill was behind me as I entered the little cafe. It is quaint and narrow with tables side by side. So if you’re looking to do your morning stretches, do them outside! It is a nice and cosy place to sit down and relax. Excited about the food, my friend and I started scanning the menu. Pancakes, eggs, maple syrup! Gaaaah! I could not wait!

There is something for everyone. If you’re watching your weight, you can indulge in fruit salads, mueslis or porridge but seriously!? If that’s what you’re going to have then stay at home.

This is the place where you should go all out. And that is exactly what I did. I ordered Reggie the Veggie while my friend ordered the fried eggs with hash browns, pancakes and maple syrup. Nom nom nom!

While we waited for the food, I looked around, everyone was having a great time. After all  it was the Jubilee weekend and a loooong one so it was a good time off from the crazy London life where it’s all about work work work!!

The place has a very chilled out vibe. The staff was really nice and polite. But due to space, you can’t be lounging here all day. The wall is splattered with old polaroid pictures, a pair of boxer shorts (Unused I hope!!), used paper cups and what not. Memories.

Now coming on to the food. It was enough to feed 4 of us! But not to worry, we managed to eat it all! I will keep the post-breakfast stories to myself. There was a lot of hype surrounding the place and its food so I was expecting an instant explosion of flavours starting from the first bite. Now, if you love this place then you are going to hate me for saying that I did not find the food at this place “all that!”- meaning it was okay. I would not call it good or OMG-Amazing-I-am-going-to-die food. It was okay.

I would’ve preferred more taste. While eating the veggie sausage, I chewed on something unpleasant and crunchy. So I did not bother to eat the sausage. The hash browns were cooked but a tad burnt. Apart from the ambience, the experience and the opportunity to eat at THE Breakfast Club, the food was not the saving grace of the place unfortunately. I’ve had better breakfasts. However, I did notice what fellow diners just opposite us were ordering- Eggs Benedict and all. They looked delicious. So on the insistence of one of my friends if I do go to this place again, I’ll definitely order something else and who knows my opinion of this place might change. Well at least it’s ticked off my places to visit.

This place has been open since 2005 with this branch in Soho being their first one. They are located in four locations around London so do visit to see how it is for yourself. May be your experience in terms of food will be better than mine. For more information about The Breakfast Club, please visit their website below.

The Breakfast Club

Soho Branch Location

Till I find an amazing breakfast place in London. C’est La vie! xx


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