Burger Coma @ Byron

Anyone who loves burgers has definitely heard of Byron burgers. After GBK, these guys serve up the best in town. My recent visit was nothing short of a food coma! And who gives a side of macaroni and cheese with a burger!!!? Absolutely crazy but soooo good. Mmmmm!

They have their branches all over London like Westfield White City, Leicester Square, Canary Wharf etc. so if you haven’t tried these beast burgers then you gotta give them a go! And you also get to customise your own! Need more reason?? O yeah! The price- well we’re not going to eat for free are we :p

Between two people you would be looking to spend around £30-35. I know it’s not the cheapest but it’s worth a visit! Till the next one xxx


One thought on “Burger Coma @ Byron

  1. I agree completely, the two are the best. Once I enjoyed going to the Diner, but they have horrible service and not very consistent delivery of their dishes. Mostly a simple dish like a burger shouldn’t be so difficult to keep consistent.

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