Magnum- Westfield, Stratford City

Who loves Magnum?! I’m sure anyone who’s reading this does! So what do you say when you hear about the concept store that just recently opened in Westfield Stratford City? Oh wait! So you haven’t heard about it?! A magnum ice cream laced in the chocolate coating of your choice and tonnes of toppings to choose from?  You really haven’t been there yet?! Okay I’m just being annoying now 😛

If you haven’t been to the Magnum concept store then you have to visit it if you love ice cream. It’s not going to be open forever- only till the 5th of September. I went there with my friend- they’ve made it quite grand and bling but kept it to the minimal and not too flashy. You have a menu where you can choose what ice cream you want and choose the toppings. The end result is HEAVEN!! If you haven’t tried it yet, let me show you the photos to convince you to go there and get your hands on one because it’s not going to be there after the 5th!

There are some really weird toppings like ginger and chilli to the absolute favourite of mine- brownie and hazelnuts. There is something for everyone so it’s a must visit! Let me know if you do go there! xx

5 thoughts on “Magnum- Westfield, Stratford City

  1. Oh God, I’m so annoyed I won’t be in the UK until late September! This looks like a dream! Hopefully they’ll decide to re-open it at some later point x

  2. I have been to this one when I went to the London Olympic Games in London on 2012 and I created my own magnum and it was beautiful I love the shop the staff that work there are really helpful and they can give u some of the best flavours to try for ice cream ever the best ice cream shop in the world.

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