Lahore Restaurant, NW8 8EH

If you’re looking to eat some authentic Pakistani cuisine,(most people confuse Indian, Bengali and Pakistani food and call it “Indian”) then look no further than Lahore Restaurant. Paying homage to the city of Lahore in Punjab province of Pakistan- this place is a fire house. I have never been disappointed by their food. They serve the best traditional dishes like Nihari and “Payas” you can find in London. Nihari is so popular that most of the days they run out so I have to tell them to save me a portion!! They don’t have nonsense made up dishes like “balti” (never heard of that in India or Pakistan!!) “Kulfi” for dessert is just the perfect way to end the meal. The food does remind me of home.

Definitely a must visit and the closest station is Marylebone Station.

For bookings and enquiries, you can call them on 020 7723 0808.

You can also visit their website by clicking here. Actually I just found out they have a website as well. It’s very basic and I’ve never really used it. But trust me, you won’t be disappointed. I think Tayyab’s in Mile End/Whitechapel is a bit overrated compared to this place.

Anyway, check out the photos and decide for yourself.

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