Banana Tree

If you love South East Asian cuisine or have just returned from a holiday in Malaysia, Cambodia or Thailand etc then you’ve got to visit Banana Tree. They’ve got quite a cool name and serve good quality food with good portions. Portion size is a big yes for me.

They have a very casual layout so you can be sure to find a warm and cosy spot this winter in one of their restaurants. It’s located in Bayswater, Soho, Angel and a number of other locations. They have a great menu with a varied selection of food so everyone with different taste buds will find something to eat.

A good and hearty meal between two people will cost you some where around £40 and that’s including two starters, two mains, rice on the side and drinks. So quite reasonable for someone like me.

For the starters, I ordered the Chicken and Shitake (yeah yeah the shit take mushrooms!!) Money Bags and Vietnamese Monk’s Springrolls. The money bags and the dipping sauce was yummy!!

For the mains I ordered the Tamarind Crispy Fish with Thai Basil Glaze. Wow! It was so good. You don’t need anything on the side and you can just devour it on its own- it was THAT good. The other main was The Legendary Rendang. The second main was quite rich as explained in the menu so a small portion is bound to fill you up with a small side of rice. You have to order rice separately as that does not come with the main.

All in all, my friend and I were quite satisfied with the meal and would go back any day without a second thought. A definite visit if you’re into Asian cuisine.

So give this a go my fellow foodies! Check out Banana Tree’s website for more info on the menu and the locations.

Banana Tree Website






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