Salvation Jane

While walking near Moorgate, I got hungry (as I always do!) and looked around; there was Pret, Pod, Eat and all other cafes I normally come across. But one place that really caught my eye was Salvation Jane!

Great name and even better window display. Nothing better than a place with a great name but an enticing food display to boot (unlike the ones that put up stale food on display and make you wanna puke!!) And Salvation Jane was just that. I looked at the menu outside and instantly wanted to walk in. It has a warm and laid back vibe to it plus the staff is very welcoming. I grabbed a seat near the window and was instantly served with a glass of water. Getting service without even asking for it- that’s what I like!

I ordered my trusty cappuccino and read through the Breakfast menu. It has just the right amount of things you can order. I went for the scrambled eggs with the sourdough bread and a side of smoked salmon. The scrambled eggs were not too mushy and not too dry. The smoke salmon had a good texture to it and the sourdough bread was crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. Needless to say, I LOVED my first time at Salvation Jane and by the looks of it on Twitter, alot of people are tweeting about it too!

So, if you’re around Liverpool St/Moorgate area, please do give this lovely cafe a visit! You won’t be disappointed. Now a bit of food porn for those hungry eyes!

Do check out their website here to know all about Salvation Jane.


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