If your nose has not already been assaulted by the aroma of different types of food wafting around Upper St. in Islington and you haven’t given in to your tummy telling you to go in the first place that looks tempting, then do try Ottolenghi. If nothing else, the window display is enough to tempt you to stand and stare at the yummy treats for 5 minutes. After having gone past the place a couple of times (YES!  I gave in to going in to the first place I saw) I finally decided to go in and have coffee and try some of their delicious desserts.

For a Sunday afternoon, as expected the place was quite busy. We waited for around 15-20 minutes for a table to get free. The weather outside made sure we were happy to wait. The staff was courteous and the man in charge kept us informed. Frankly, I was enjoying looking around the place and at all the mouthwatering food they had- like a child in a toy shop!

Their Islington branch has hot breakfast options, lunch from the counter and hot food from the kitchen for dinner. If you prefer a light lunch and a nice dessert then this is a great place to visit. Their focus is mainly on good honest food with a focus on Mediterranean basin so definitely worth a try.

Love the white decor- it’s not too in your face and it just stands out. Since I was already so full from lunch, I ordered a cappuccino with my favourite chocolate brownie with nuts. mmmhmm!! As you can tell from the photos, the afternoon tea time was well spent. Do check out Ottolenghi’s website by clicking here.

photo 3 photo 4photo 2photo 1

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