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Abokado’s sizzling chicken soup!

sizzling coconut real roast chicken soup from Abokado

You wouldn’t often find me drinking soup for lunch. Nope, never! As to me that’s a mere starter and not worthy of being classed as a full lunch.

sizzling coconut real roast chicken soup from Abokado UK

Perhaps when I get older, I may have to bite my tongue and lower my consumption of food. But till that doesn’t happen- soup for lunch is insufficient.

But what’s NOT insufficient is this sizzling coconut real roast chicken soup I had for lunch from Abokado. It was one of those days where I wasn’t feeling too well and just had to go find myself a pot of soup. I came across this delicious pot at Abokado and I have to say- I’m sold. I love the subtle spice (may be more spicy for some), the “coconutty” flavour and the fact it had “real” roast chicken (I don’t blame them for putting “real” on the name after the horse meat fiasco…) finished off with a good serving of noodles at the bottom of the pot- mmmm! It was lush! The only thing I didn’t like was bean sprout but that’s because I don’t like bean sprouts anyway.

It is super healthy and I’m not really one to watch calories but it’s good to know I can be healthy too! 😉 Here’s the description from Abokado’s website: (Copy and PASTE ftw!)

“Sizzling Coconut Real Roast Chicken Soup (med)

£3.79(271 calories/7g sat fat/12g fat)
Hand flaked real roast chicken, barn reared on an Essex farm, with egg noodles, shiitake mushrooms, spinach, broccoli florets, red pepper, beansprouts, fresh coriander and our unique fragrant chilli and coconut broth” 
Definitely give it a go if you’re feeling super healthy and find an Abokado around you! Seriously they’re every where…

Learn more about the story behind Abokado and the great husband and wife team behind it!


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