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The Fish & Chip Shop in Angel serves an epic fish supper!

lunch at The Fish & Chip Shop

If you give me a choice between any meat (chicken, lamb or beef) and fish, I’d go for meat every single time. I just find the taste of a fish dish is mostly hit and miss unless the reviews of a place are consistent enough for me to try it.

fish and chip shop brunch menu

With the winter chill trying to creep its way back into our lives, yesterday felt like a fish and chips kinda day! I’d be the last person

to suggest fish and chips but I really wanted to try The Fish & Chip Shop while browsing twitter for some food pics to salivate over ..err.. I mean for food recipes to cook like the domestic goddess that I am!

So anyway I came across these guys and loved the photos they had put up. Photos of food are the most important thing for me when trying out a place. They are what sell the place even before you’ve eaten their food.

I got there and wanted to sit by the window. Unfortunately for me, the chair was too low and the table was too high (Goldilocks anyone??). Do they have anything against short people? Hmph! But I managed to find the right sized table and chair for myself (hurrah!)

They have a special brunch menu every weekend until 3pm so it’s worth getting there before. We ordered the fish pie and cod with a side of chips and mixed vegetables. I was looking at other orders and the fish was humongous (bigger than the BIG plate- crikey!) the fish pie takes a good 20 mins so make sure your fellow diners are happy to wait.

fish pieI was starving so was few slurps away from filling up myself with the lemonade I ordered. Finally the food arrived! Cue the fireworks… Cartwheels…banjo playing.. ?? No scratch the banjo

Finally the food arrived and the aroma was enough to get me excited. The fish pie was nice and crispy on top, crunchy and really cheesy. So if you’re watching your waist line (obviously unlike me!) then this isn’t for you pal! It had cod, salmon, monk fish and big juicy prawns. It did not need any seasoning at all and I loved the crunch at the top. Just like a creme brûlée where you crack the top to get into the soft gooeyness! mhmmm!!

The cod was so big, it’s tail was off the plate. You could hear every single crunch and it was well seasoned. Such a good quality fish and cooked to perfection. The mixed vegetables on the side were not your run of the mill veggies. They were well seasoned, soft and presented with finesse. The Fish & Chip Shop has converted me into eating more fish and I look forward to my next trip here already!

cod at the fish & chip shop cod at the fish and chip shop chips at the fish and chip shopmixed vegetables at The Fish & Chip Shop

Suffice to say we were stuffed by end of our lunch. I’m glad I skipped breakfast (not a good idea otherwise!) If you’re around Angel and fancy a fish and chips lunch or dinner then this is the place to be! It’s a good idea to book for dinner but not sure how busy they get during the weekends. And finally one more peak at our lunch!

lunch at The Fish & Chip Shop

You can find The Fish & Chip shop on the following details:

contact details for The Fish & Chip Shop

Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter (love the photos on their account): @TheFishChipShop

Let me know if you’ve been here and what was your favourite on the menu. If you do know of any other fish restaurants, you would recommend, then I’m all ears and eyes! Till the next gastronomic outing! xx



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