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Noteworthy places to Brunch in London

Noteworthy places to Brunch in London

I am a HUGE fan of brunches. It’s the whole concept of combining breakfast and lunch that is so appealing to me. It’s probably because I’m not a huge fan of eating an early breakfast. May be I need to fix my eating habits :P. But that’s beside point guys.

The brunch scene in London is still picking up. Although there are some really amazing places for brunch, it’s not very common for someone to suggest “Hey let’s grab brunch at so-and-so”. It’s usually “Hey let’s meet for lunch/a drink/dinner”. So anyway! I thought I should do a post of some places I regularly go to for brunch. There are definitely a lot more places I’ve been to other than mentioned in today’s post but they will follow in my posts later on. All the more reason for you to check out my blog! 😛 Yes, it’s a ploy! ha ha

So without dragging it too long, lo and behold the brunch spots in London:


The first L’eto cafe I came across was in Soho while roaming through the streets. They always have an epic display of desserts and that’s how these guys caught my eye. A very well done to the guys who handle the visual part of the establishment (A job well done!). Since then I’ve seen them pop up in Stratford and King’s Road (and I’m sure there are other locations)

It’s a place you would go for coffee, desserts, brunch or light lunch/dinner. There’s always a good healthy selection to choose from or you can be a bit more indulgent with their desserts and savoury tarts. The only thing I would say is, each item on the plate below is individually priced so you can easily be paying up to £15 depending on what you want to eat. Price wise- it’s not very economical but taste wise- DELISH. For someone like me, I can easily rack up a bill of £20 because I want to try everything! It’s always a safe bet 🙂 For anyone with a sweet tooth, definitely visit!


I first came across Le Pain a few years ago in Westfield (White City). I loved their interior and big wooden tables- a bakery/communal feel! It’s probably one of the first few places I experienced sitting at the same table, next to complete strangers. I’m glad places like these have made Londoners accustomed to a communal feel and sharing the same space. Usually everyone gets a bit territorial. Like seriously, you won’t die! It’s okay to sit next to someone you don’t know or (*gasp* *horror*) talk to them. And places like Le Pain have proven that we can all co-exist, sit and eat in harmony! 😛

Anyway, moving on to the food menu. I find their food is always fresh, healthy and the menu keeps on changing (daily specials etc) which keeps it quite interesting. One thing I’ve noticed with Le Pain (even though it’s a chain and I’m usually not a big fan of chains as they tend to be very generic and bland) is that the quality and taste of their food is consistent.  Their staff is always cheerful so that’s an added bonus! So if I’m ever in a rut over where to go, can’t think of any place and there’s a Le Pain- I’ll go right in.

BILL’S, SOHO/ANGEL/RICHMOND (and other locations):

Bill’s. Hmmm where to begin. Even thinking about their breakfast right now makes me salivate. One of the best breakfasts I’ve had in London. Fresh, healthy, extremely tasty and LOVE the “Bill’s” twist they give their dishes especially the vegetarian English breakfast. For all the vegetarians out there, this one is a must try!

Their menu has a bit of everything– their version of Peri Peri chicken to thai curry, burgers to fish pies and what not! I’ve pretty much tried everything on their menu and I can say- great food and value for money. A lovely place to bring your family for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!  They aptly put it on their website “breakfast to bedtime”. Always a safe bet to go to and I’ve never been disappointed, not yet anyway! 🙂


I love South Ken but it’s a very touristy area primarily due to the museums and hotels around. Surprisingly, there wasn’t much around there in terms of brunch but it’s changed quite a lot recently with coffee shops and cafés that have opened up. Even then, I didn’t know some where different and new to go for brunch. So luckily I came across Muriel’s Kitchen. A peak inside was enough to make me come back again and again (not to mention the window display- gets me EVERY time!) They’ve got a counter where you can order food from or sit inside (lots of natural light which is fantastic!) and order from their menu. My friend and I loved their brunch menu and had some super healthy options (even green juice– stuff a health nut’s dreams are made of!)

The second time I came back, I tried the meatballs and my friend ordered their lasagne. The portions were quite big so they can easily be shared between two people if you’re not too hungry. If you’re around South Kensington and want to try something new, Muriel’s Kitchen is definitely one to try!

BUMPKIN, Notting Hill Gate (and other locations):

The first time I visited Bumpkin was at their branch in Westfield Stratford a couple of years back (wow, time flies!). It was new and a place I had not heard of at that time. I went in with my friend for brunch. While she had the traditional English breakfast, I decided to have this mackerel and crayfish burger (ogle at the image below). That burger was (pardon me for using this word but I have to) AMAZEBALLS!! I’m not sure if they still serve it, but if they don’t then they need to…!

Anyway, recently I visited their Notting Hill branch with my friend for brunch. They’ve updated their menu and everyone seems to be on a health kick so great to see they’ve incorporated that in their menu as well. It’s a really well priced brunch menu but the juices’ portion and the price was definitely on the steep side! I appreciate the ingredients might cost the restaurant quite a bit of money but £4.50 for a small glass of Carrot Digestif is not something everyone would like to pay. But that’s my only criticism. Otherwise the food is delicious! I had the full English and I was fully satisfied with my meal. However, I do wish they bring their old style of presenting their breakfast in a skillet. It’s always quite busy and very popular with the locals so if you’re around any of their locations- they’re worth the money! 🙂

THE RIDING HOUSE CAFE, Great Titchfield St, Oxford Circus:

I love the name and I love everything about this “all-day brasserie”. I went on my friend’s recommendation and I haven’t looked back ever since. They not only do an amazing brunch menu but you also want to order pretty much everything from their lunch and dinner menu. They are always fully booked over the weekend so best to book in advance or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always try your luck by walking in without a booking.

Whether you order something off their breakfast menu or the brunch, lunch or dinner menu- you won’t be disappointed. Some of my favourites have been their Lobster lasagne (a MUST try), Longhorn Beef and Bone Marrow Burger, Roasted Guinea Fowl and Beef Wellington. Every time I had been, they would run out of the Lobster lasagne (clearly a favourite) so I was glad to finally try it!

Bear in mind they have separate menus for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunches. Have a look here for their menus.

This is obviously not a complete list of places to brunch. There are some great gems coming up in future posts so keep your eyes peeled people! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @foodiarieslon as I’m always tweeting about new places I’ve been to (and haven’t had the chance of blogging) Till the next one!  xxx

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