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Become a sushi expert with “How To Sushi” and a chance to win an iPad mini!

sushi guide by hungryhouse

Eating sushi never got so exciting until now! Whether you’re new to sushi or a seasoned pro who knows their sumeshi from their sashimi, my friends at hungryhouse have come up with an amazing interactive “How To Sushi” guide/infographic. Even though I’ve been eating sushi for years, I LOVE their guide. It’s so fun to read and takes the boredom out of learning more about sushi and how to use chopsticks.

Every other corner of London has a Sushi restaurant- from chains like Wasabi and Itsu, to independent mid-range (Umai sushi, Koya, Sticks’n’Sushi) and high end restaurants like Sushi Samba, Roka, Nobu, Chotto Matte …the list goes on!  UK cannot have enough of Sushi, but for most of us, it can still be a bit of a tricky culinary experience.

“What should I eat first?”

“Am I holding these right?”

“What the hell is that???”

Well, don’t fear! The guys at hungryhouse have teamed up with some expert sushi bloggers and developed a beautifully simple infographic that’ll transform you into a wasabi-guzzling Sushi Master in the blink of an eye!

sushi master 3

Just scroll through their animations and learn some killer sushi skills.  The guide they’ve created walks you through the most popular types of sushi, the use of condiments and has loads of interesting little facts about Japanese culture, as well as having a very useful section on the correct way to hold your chopsticks! (Due to its snazzy nature, the Sushi guide works best on desktop.)


Already reckon you know your sumeshi from your sashimi? Then get over to hungryhouse’s instagram and show them some hard evidence – upload a photo of your effortless use of chopsticks, or a video of your meal – and you could be getting your mitts on a tasty iPad mini. All the more reason to enter!

To enter the competition all you need to do is to follow hungryhouse (@hungryhouseuk) on instagram and upload a picture of yourself enjoying some Sushi under the hashtag #HowToSushi. The more creative the image, (or the more epic the Sushi meal that you’re about to dig into is!) the better! hungryhouse will select a winner from all the instagram photos they receive. 

You’ve got until August 31st to submit your instagram photo via the hashtag #HowToSushi so get snapping and good luck!

(Note: The competition is only open to UK residents, with the winner being notified on Monday 1st September)

sushi master 2



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