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There’s always time for a pizza feat. Square Pizza #hungryhouse

Over the weekend, I was craving pizza A LOT! Like serious carbs. Not that I don’t crave it any day but I hadn’t had a pizza in a while and I also didn’t want to get out of the flat and make an effort to go get it 😛

SO! I sat on my lazy bum and browsed the hungryhouse app on my iPhone. Square Pizza came up on my search and they had some really delicious and enticing combos that my flatmate and I wanted to try. So we went about placing our order. Little did we know Square Pizza would actually deliver….square pizzas. Doh!

We decided to go for one thin crust veggie option- the Melanzana. It had garlic sauce, aubergine, feta cheese, tomato and olives. Looking at the photo below- you can see it had a generous amount of toppings and a crisp base. Just how we like it! Are you one of those people who love eating the crust too? Join the club! 😀


Melanzana Pizza from Square Pizza London

The second pizza we decided to share between us was the Beefeater but since my flatmate isn’t very fond of mushrooms I told them to replace mushrooms with fresh green chillies. They very kindly obliged as I love my spice!

Beefeater Pizza from Square Pizza London  

Not satisfied with two massive 13 inch pizzas to share between us, we also ordered some mozzarella sticks and hot and spicy wings because…why wouldn’t you!? If you’re going to carb load, do it properly! 😉

We got a little surprise in the box of mozzarella sticks- veggie spring rolls! That was quite unusual but who are we to refuse free food?! Happily went in our tummies and not even ashamed 😀

My flatmate and I are quite fussy especially when we order a takeaway (haha! weirdos) but these sides definitely passed our test.

Mozzarella sticks and veggie spring rolls

I LOVE chicken wings and they were seasoned well with the right crispiness. Again, I had been craving chicken wings for a while so it was a massive day of fulfilling my cravings!

hot and spicy chicken wings

Dinner for two! Not bad eh?!

full order from Square Pizza London

My flatmate and I had a really good experience and the food even arrived ahead of our expected time! I was glad to find these guys on the list of top takeaway by hungryhouse. Clearly, they’ve been satisfying a lot of tummies! 😀

Just a little background, hungryhouse, the online takeaway platform, have dived into their data to find the finest takeaways in the UK where the food is truly amazing and the service exceptional. After searching high and low throughout the UK, hungryhouse are proud to present their list of the 2015 Top Takeaways! So, do check it out next time you’re craving your favourite food and don’t want the hassle of leaving your home.

These Top Takeaways have been chosen due to their popularity with hungryhouse customers, their consistently positive customer ratings, their ability to deliver food to hungry customers without fail, and their high Food Hygiene Rating scores. From more than 10,000 restaurants on hungryhouse, only 500 can enjoy the honour of being called a Top Takeaway, and from this creme de la creme, the Square Pizza were chosen as the Number 4 Top Takeaway in the whole of the UK!

I would definitely recommend these guys if they can deliver in your area. Definitely a high five from me and would be ordering from them again! 😀 xx


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