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“Light” bites around London Part 1

“Light” bites around London Part 1

Hope you all survived Monday! If you did and you’re reading this- YOU MADE IT! Hurray…now only 3 more days till the weekend…and repeat!

There’s nothing like food to make you feel better about life and I’ve got some ‘light’ reads especially for you to scroll through and places to mark down for your next foodie venture in to town…

West Thirty Six, Notting Hill (more like North Kensington ? )

Newest and apparently hottest kids on the block. They’ve been getting a lot of press recently. Everyone (on Instagram) seems to be hanging out there!

My friends and I decided to head over for brunch. Nestled in the corner of the main crossing, it took me a couple of minutes to confirm I was in the right place! Ha

One thing is for sure, it’s not near Notting Hill Gate station so don’t try and walk from there unless you want to. Well, I didn’t and don’t judge me ?

I do like the understated exterior and a simple West Thirty Six written on the door. Happy and courteous staff is always a good start! The seating at the back was a bit cramped and not the most comfortable. We later realised we should have booked for upstairs! The seating upstairs is so lush and comfortable- loved it.

They managed to turn a simple plate of avocado on toast with poached egg into something that I couldn’t get enough of. I was impressed, I would say. There was something about the way they made that avocado mix…mmm yum! Sadly, I was impressed more with the food than the service in this instance. However, I’m not going to judge the place by this one experience and I would definitely be going back.

They have dining upstairs on the terrace too to enjoy the last bits of sunshine.

For more info and brief details, check out their website here.

CARBON Eclectic Charcoal Grill, Soho/ Piccadilly Circus

Or simply Carbon would do ?

chance discovery while looking for something quick and delicious to eat before a movie. Am I glad I bumped into these guys. The menu seemed decent and we walked in. I decided to go for the Argentinian Steak that was made fresh there and then. Fresh food cooked right in front of you- what more can you ask for? That it’s on the cheaper side– that it is too! ?

The steak came with cheese, baked potatoes, salad and that chimichurri sauce. Damn that chimichurri sauce…

Did I just have the perfect dinner there by chance? Yep! Some things in life you simply can’t plan for…

Argentinian Steak

For more info and menu, check out their website here.

INITO UK, Liverpool Street

I cannot get enough of Inito in Liverpool Street. Not only do they do authentic Indian/Pakistani food but I also don’t have to go into the depths of East London, Southall or Green Street to get a taste of home. They are conveniently located 5-6 mins walk from Liverpool Street station on Bell Lane and I love the variety of dishes on their menu. Thankfully no vindaloos malarky here!

It’s the kind of food I would eat back home in Pakistan. This time it was a quick pit stop before my next destination so decided to stop by for their Samosa Chaat. It’s a popular street food sold in Pakistan and India.

I remember going to the cinema with my mom and cousins and this was something we would order while watching the movie. Tell me again about those popcorns you eat here in London? How riveting! ?

Just look at that gorgeous plate of food- colourful, packed with flavour, sizeable plate and  goddam tasty!

Guys you keep on feeding my soul time and time again! For more info and menu, check out their website here.

The Wandering Bun, BOXPARK Shoreditch High Street

I love a good burger and I also love the fact how many young and passionate people have started taking this food business seriously!

Like their name, they like to wander around a lot…in the food markets that is.

I will admit, even after a month or so of having tried this burger, I can still remember the taste and I kinda crave it at times. Now THAT is a good sign. I ordered the Lamb Bun which is braised lamb shoulder, pickled dried apricot, pomegranate jelly, Harissa yogurt and feta cheese. It’s just the way these mediterranean ingredients came together where the combination of the pomegranate jelly and feta cheese really stood out for me.

And I find myself craving this burger even now. The bun itself was okay and the chips- they need to work on those (too oily and not crispy enough. They were just meh…) but I would find you guys and order it again for sure! Well done team Wandering Bun, it’s a great start! Just need to fine-tune these buns and chips as there is a whole burger army on the loose in London. Competition is fierce! 

To find out where they’re wandering to next, check out their website, with all the information you need, here.

Honest Burgers, Portobello Road, Notting Hill Gate

One burger joint I would never get tired of is Honest Burgers. They are HONESTLY the best in London. Well seasoned meat combined with simple ingredients that make for an explosive dining experience. Don’t get me started on those rosemary salted chips. One of the first burger joints to not ignore the chips as just sides- these rosemary salted chips are a personality in their own right. That crunch when you bite into them…Ok I’ll stop.

Being a hardcore meat lover, I never really ordered the vegetarian option because why would I?! I mean really… BUT my friend did and you know what? It was really nice! I’m not sure why I thought that wouldn’t be the case but I guess it was one of those ‘you learn something new’ moments for me bahah ?

The fritter made with cauliflower, sweetcorn, shallots, spices and coriander tasted just like a giant Pakora  (google it and I will put up the recipe in the recipes section soon too!) I wonder where they got the idea from…hmmm…

Anyway long story short- that’s worth ordering too. So guys, now your vegetarian friends don’t have to feel left out next time you suggest Honest Burgers to them. And if they refuse to go? Well, find new friends…too many loners in London looking for company so you’ll be fine!

Vegetarian option- the Fritter

For all things Honest burgers, check out their website here.

The Jam Tree, Chelsea (pronounced Chelsaayyyyyy)

(Ignoring the dig)

I love a good Sunday roast so ventured closer to home and headed to The Jam Tree near Fulham Broadway. It’s a gastro pub but not like your typical pub, might I add.

Started off with a “mahooosive” glass of orange juice. Took a comparison shot just to emphasise how massive it was…(save the cheap jokes!)

Just look at it! Have you ever seen a more gorgeous plate of food?! The vibrant greens, the crunchy crusted potatoes, non-soggy Yorkshire pud and that delicious piece of meat. How do they say this nowadays? This plate of food gave me the “feels” haha…writing this down makes it sound even more ridiculous!

I always have a good time at The Jam Tree whether it’s sharing small plates with friends over drinks or boogying the night away on Saturday (before all the pervs arrive!)

For all other info and the most important menu, check out their website here.

P.S. The lovely garden at the back is a bonus and they love doing these FREE hog roasts every now and then!

Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings, Clerkenwell

Oh B&H Buildings, how I love you so! I haven’t, to date (touch wood), had a bad dining experience here. I went here for yet another brunch with friends and like all other times- it was great! I would definitely recommend you guys go here at least once.

Delicious food, gorgeouslaid back ambience and lovely staff! This place gives you the tropical feeling in this dreary London.

I was craving their French Toast that I had last time so decided to order it again. The caramelised banana and mixed nuts is my favourite combo so had it second time in a row. Extremely indulgent and delicious. Calories are not to be counted here. Enjoy life and live a little!

It’s a well balanced menu and the price is standard so you’re getting your money’s worth here. They also do bottomless brunches if you really want to go big!

Always a pleasure B&H, see you next time!

For more info and menus, check out their website here.

Mother Clucker, Kerb Food Market, West India Quay (#KerbontheQuay)

Kerb Food came to West India Quay to bring some personality and character to the concrete jungle i.e. Canary Wharf and so did one of my favourite fried chicken joints- MOTHER CLUCKER!

Their permanent location is at Truman Brewery if you don’t want to be at the mercy of Kerb Food (every Wednesday till Friday in the Wharf)

Love the name and love their food even more. We got in early to beat the queues and by early, I mean we got there for 11:45AM. Yep…still had to wait though as “some” people were taking massive lunch orders for their slave drivers back in the office. You will be happy to know that some things in life are worth waiting for and this friend chicken was certainly one of them!

That first bite, the crunch of that crispy tea brined, buttermilk soaked, TWICE battered fried chicken on a bed of cajun fries was all that was needed. The best thing about it is the chicken which is still moist and juicy. This chicken is spicy and packs a punch! The attention to detail with the chillies and spring onion garnish on top is perfect.

For more information to see what else they make, info and menu, check out their website here.

Part 1 of ‘light’ bites has come to an end….stay tuned for Part 2. Trust me, it gets better ? Enjoy your Tuesday!



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