redemption restaurant bar notting hill london

New Opening: Launch Night @ Redemption Restaurant/Bar, Notting Hill, London

When three likeminded, passionate and exciting people join to work on an idea they really believe in, it’s bound to work right? That seems to be the story with Redemption Restaurant/Bar. Spearheaded by Catherine and joined by her business partners Andrea (Head Chef) and DJ (General Manager).

I had been following their movement for a while when it was doing various residencies around London (Hackney, Portobello and Holborn). Even though it’s a ‘bar’, their focus is around their mantra “Spoil yourself without spoiling yourself”. London’s social scene revolves around alcohol. Generally, a great night out is only guaranteed when alcohol is involved. This is where Redemption comes in. An alcohol-free zone where their focus is serving super-healthy vegan and vegetarian menu with a zero-waste policy.

However, they do not want to be seen as preachy or holier than thou in the way they are promoting their restaurant and bar, which is why I love their concept even more. And, I am sure other people will like the attitude too. No one likes preachy people 😉 I like the fact they are challenging the convention of ‘no alcohol= boring night’. I’m not a big fan of the notion that everything fun has to involve alcohol so this place is right up my street! 😀 redemption bar notting hill london   Tonight marked their launch night before they officially open their doors on 10th August. They got super lucky and have bagged an awesome location right in the middle of super trendy Westbourne Grove and Bayswater on Chepstow Road. They had really worked on offering a variety of delicious and healthy drinks and tasty canapés for the launch night as a teaser before they officially open. Even though I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian (LOVE my meat too much!) yet I found the food really fresh and bursting with natural flavour. Some dishes needed a bit more seasoning but my favourite of all was the sticky aubergine on skewers. That was LOVE!

canapes at redemption bar opening notting hill gate london
Beetroot Barley Risotto    

Full marks on the presentation guys! 😀

canapes at redemption bar notting hill gate
Courgette rollups

redemption bar notting hill VIP opening night Beet-o-tinis and redemption bar opening night notting hill      I had to stop Andrea and take a picture of these delicious raw truffle chocolate balls …mmmm I tried one of each (and some more…shhh) I kept on telling myself these are super healthy and good for me! haha 😛 My favourites from the night! These aubergine on skewers- yum! There was a lot of buzz at the launch night tonight. We were sitting outside enjoying the lovely evening and a lot of people were intrigued and coming up to us to ask about the place. I really hope these guys do well and their permanent residence in the neighbourhood brings them success! Please don’t be put off by the fact that they serve only vegan and vegetarian food. They are definitely not like those instagram-yoga-loving-vegan-vegetarian-I’m-all-about-gluten-free-I’m cooler-than-you-all people. (phew!) I am a hardcore meat eater and I would definitely be coming back here. Try them before you judge them!

Welcome to the neighbourhood guys! 😀

For more information about the Restaurant/Bar, their blog and menu, visit their website here.

2 thoughts on “New Opening: Launch Night @ Redemption Restaurant/Bar, Notting Hill, London

    1. Same here- usually run the other way with these places but glad I went and really liked some of the canapés. Also drinks are really good too! Will do a proper review of the menu when it opens but definitely go and visit and let me know how it goes 🙂 x

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