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London food you’ve missed

London food you’ve missed

Been on a bit of hiatus from blogging, but now it’s time to spring back and give you the low down on where I’ve been the past couple of months. Of course, if you follow me on Instagram then you know I haven’t stopped eating…that’s unthinkable.

So here goes Part 1 of places you might have missed out on since I haven’t told you about them 😉 Winter has finally arrived and these restaurants are bound to get you excited with their delicious food. There’s a bit of everything, over-indulgent, a “little” healthy, scrumptious breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner options!

Brace yourself for an epic food coma… as always!

Hungry Donkey, Wentworth Street E1 7AL:

I had my birthday in September and I was desperately contacting restaurants in my list who would be able to accommodate a pack of over 15 women 😛 Sadly I wasn’t having any luck until I thought of contacting Hungry Donkey who I had been following on Instagram for a while and they were definitely one of the places I wanted to visit.

Luckily, they very graciously accommodated my friends and I to a lovely brunch at their premises. Hungry Donkey is on Wentworth Street. During weekends it’s surrounded by street vendors and during the week, city workers. It’s in the bustling part of the city and quite close if you want to grab a work lunch too.

The menu is simple and caters to vegetarians as well as hard core meat eaters perfectly! It’s one of my favourite cheap eats in London now and you know what?! I’m taking another massive group of people there again soon!

The food is delicious, authentic, abundant and very affordable 🙂

MUGA Ramen Dining & Bar, Panton St. SW1 Y4DL:

Japanese food has a special place in my heart. After the crazy weather over the weekend- I can do with a massive bowl of wholesome and warming Ramen. An authentic Japanese eatery just around the corner from Dover Street, Ramen is the main star of this place. This fuss-free, open plan Ramen bar counter is exactly where you want to hide from this mad, cold weather!

Don’t be fooled by the photo, this bowl of Ramen can feed a whole family! Generous portions and authentic taste is what sets this place apart. I could’ve happily slurped my way through the whole bowl had I not been a total pig and ordered so much food! Luckily I had my friend with me to share all this goodness.

Is it the best Ramen bar in town? Not quite. But it does the job and it delivers for what it’s worth.

The octopus balls were cooked well and I was especially intrigued by the thin shaving of fish used as a garnish- very unusual yet moorish.

I wasn’t a fan of their Renkon Hasami-age (deep fried lotus root stuffed with minced chicken) I didn’t like the texture and taste but that’s my personal opinion. My friend, on the other hand, finished it off for me!

Do go check this place out if you’re in the area. Lovely staff and Ramen that will keep you warm!

Senor Ceviche, Kingly Court, WIB 5PW:

Another day another Zomato meet up. I love these meetups as I get to see some new faces and blogger friends who I already know. More so, these are great opportunities to talk food over food!

This particular meetup was at the fun Peruvian casa Señor Ceviche in Kingly Court. I love how Kingly Court has transformed over the past year or so. So many eateries have opened and it’s become a very lively place to be. So much so, it’s hard to find a place to sit some times! (annoyingly)

The ambience oozes fun and mischief. There is abundance of tapas style Peruvian food and some delicious cocktails to make the food even more enjoyable. We got some live demos and a taste of their new menu.

Thankfully there was more to this place than just ceviche.

We had some great selection of meaty dishes that showed us different sides and flavours of Peruvian cuisine. I looked around and this place was busy on a weekday! Everyone was having a great time, ordering a lot of small plates, sharing, laughing and having a great time. That’s what eating out should be about. Enjoying the company of your loved ones over some delicious plates of food.


The dessert was the surprise star of the evening! Beautifully presented, varying textures and the chicha morada added an extra oomph to the dish. To me it was a bit like an expertly executed deconstructed cheesecake.

Definitely one to visit. Do share your experience of Señor Ceviche as I look forward to checking it out again to see whether I have the same experience or not! 😉 For all things Señor Ceviche, check them out here. x

Holborn Dining Room, The Rosewood London, WC1V 7EN: 

Decadent, breathtaking, bright, classic, cosy, warm are some of the adjectives that describe Holborn Dining Room for me. I went here with my friend for a breakfast catch-up.

If I was ever to visit London, I’d prefer to stay at the Rosewood. I just love how it’s been tastefully constructed and to be fair, Mayfair is a bit over done now.

This brasserie is part of the Rosewood and also comes with a delicatessen nestled in the corner. Come here for a catch-up, a chance to come hideaway in the booth to do some work or a breakfast meeting- it’s got something for everyone.

I decided to go for Salt beef, poached egg and bubble & squeak (£11.50) with a cup of cappuccino. I was VERY happy with my choice because I wiped that plate clean! I’m not an early breakfast person at all…I like to wait until 11AM till I eat something substantial like this dish but boy did I enjoy that.

I will definitely be going back for more brunches and lunches. I highly recommend you do so too! xx

José Pizarro Broadgate, EC2M 2BN:

What are the chances Broadgate circle gets a complete revamp only when I stop working around there? Yep, that’s what happened to me. My lunches would’ve been completely different had I been there when they opened. I would’ve annihilated my stomach and bank balance in the process for sure.

I guess someone up above is looking out for me and knows it’s not wise as when it comes to food I lose all sense! 😛

Another lunch, another fantastic place. I checked out the third restaurant of the famed chef José Pizarro’s self-named restaurant. Did it live up to the hype?! YEP. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there. Every single dish was on point.

Don’t be put off by the fact you’ll most likely find yourself dining next to suits because the food will distract you! 😉

Perfect for lunch or dinner- check this one out! x

Prufrock Coffee, Leather Lane, EC1N 7TE: 

If you’re a die hard fan of coffee then do visit Prufrock on the ever popular Leather Lane that also hosts the famous Leather Lane food market.

I had the best and almost perfect avocado on toast there. The coffee was okay too! 😉 The avo on toast was better! ha

Not a fan of filter coffee but apparently they are one of the best and also have a training centre to teach you everything about coffee. It’s an institution. Sitting there and see the world go by is an experience in itself. Or if you’re not a creep like me, you can just do some work or meet friends/colleagues over lunch or coffee. Oh want to buy something for your caffeine addicted pal/loved one? They sell stuff too! Check out the “stuff” on their website here.

Stay tuned for part 2…you know it’s a never ending food coma for me! x


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