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Guest Diaries: The Rise of the Doughnut

krispy kreme london

Nothing like a sugar filled guest post to sweeten your morning/afternoon/evening commute! The gorgeous ladies at JPR Media Group have a little treat for us this week. Read on to find out more…

doughnuts at chiltern firehouse london

Sugar is the cocaine of the foodie scene. Literally, millions of pounds worth of sugar is sold every year to greedy consumers all over the world. In 2014/2015 the amount of sugar exported by Brazil was 23.9 million metric tons, sugar imported by the EU was 3.2 million metric tons, sugar imported by the U.S. was 3.2 million metric tons as found here.

krispy kreme londonWhat does this mean for the rise of the Doughnut? The sugar industry and our want and biological need for sugar makes sugary sweets a “Must Have” item that can be repeatedly purchased out of habit and sugar addiction. This equals profit for sugar sellers, especially it seems in Brazil, and it means millions of yummy goodness will ALWAYS be on the rise!

Happy Days! I didn’t realise this was a revelation article of epic proportions but it gets even better if you love doughnuts.

I first fell in love with doughnuts in Hawaii where I used to spend my long hot summers on Kahala Beach, Oahu. There was a little bakery called Leonard’s which made (and still makes) a Polynesian donut/doughnut called a hot malasada. For those sadly lacking in this life-changing food experience, a hot malasada is a soft doughy roll covered in sugar and filled with hot piping steam. For the English, imagine a Yorkshire pudding smaller and lighter in a hollow hot bun shape covered in sugar. It is divine! Still the best doughnut I have had to date.

Malasadas, a sugar coated Portuguese donut
Malasadas, a sugar coated Portuguese donut

A few years later, a new doughnut shop came to California which was a small independent called Krispy Kreme. In terrible fashion, we used to indulge in Krispy Kreme doughnuts after a big crew regatta in Sacramento. I told my parents, Krispy Kreme was the best investment since sliced bread to no avail. How could a small donut shop ever blow up to the likes of a fast food chain….And it did.
Now, I live in London with an array of sugar-selling retailers selling their wares of pastries, croissants, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, frozen yoghurts, and, of course, doughnuts.
Doughnuts seem to be the sugary trend of 2016 as cupcakes were certainly the trend for 2015 and frozen yoghurt the trend for 2014. But this is of course all my own perspective and personal taste. You know it’s true…
For your sugary-pleasure, below is a list of the best doughnut places in London:

  1. Crosstown Doughnuts. You can actually get these little puppies at Kopapa restaurant in Covent Garden, famed for their Turkish eggs and at their actual doughnuts store on Broadwick Street, Soho.
  2. Bread Ahead. Go to Borough Market on the weekend and enjoy a cup of Monmouth Coffee, a pork belly and fresh apple sauce baguette before finishing it off with a caramel custard doughnut from Bread Ahead.
  3. Chiltern Firehouse. Go for a savoury crab doughnut at dinner before your mains at this A-list celebrity hot spot in Marylebone.
  4. Dum Dum Donutterie. Before you get your bathing suits on for your icy summer weekend pool session at Shoreditch House, pick up a crème brulee doughnut from Dum Dum across the street at Box Park Shoreditch.
  5. Do you miss America as much as I do? Get your American Oreo doughnut at The Blues Kitchen in Camden or Shoreditch.
  6. Krispy Kreme. Love these classics and you can get them at Victoria Station on your way to Sloane Square for a day of shopping along the Kings Road.
  7. Glazed and Confused. Get yourself a hot cup of English breakfast tea, a side of milk and a teacake doughnut for your spoon full of sugar on the side.

For more information and tips on which restaurants and food places to go to, please contact press@jprmediagroup.com and check out our website.

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