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Vicino Restaurant- Parsons Green SW6

Vicino, Parson Green London, Italian food

Let me start by apologising for being MIA. I was super busy professionally and personally hence sitting down to write full on blog posts was just not possible. In those instances Instagram is a life saver so if you follow me on there @food_diaries_london then you know what I’ve been up to.

I live for carbs. Carbs on carbs completely describes how I love to eat which is why pasta is a favourite of mine. Give me a well cooked plate of pasta any day. A classic ‘spag bol’ being my favourite!

I don’t go to Parsons Green that often but if there’s one thing that connects me to places and that’s food. I was told of Vicino through my blogger friends. Of course if such recommendations come through, I always make a point to try them out as I trust my sources 😉

Gorgeous open space and even on a Tuesday it was super busy! Being served by our Italian waiter gave an air of authenticity. Couples, families, senior gentlemen- all enjoying an Italian feast.

We started off our evening with Carpaccio Di Manzo or Beef Carpaccio for us non-Italians. It was thinly sliced beef topped with rocket, parmesan and lemon. The dish looked as good as it tasted- fresh and clean flavours. A reassuring start to the evening.

We decided to order different dishes and ones that stood out. I couldn’t visit Vicino and order just another plate of spaghetti bolognese. You’ve got to be an extremely sh*t restaurant to get this classic wrong and judging by the starter I knew it would be decent. Therefore, Linguine al Nero di Seppia con Gamberi, Capesante e Limone it was! SAY WHAAAT? I mean we ordered black ink squid linguine with prawns, sea scallops, baby squid, lemon and chilli ha ha 😀

Fresh ingredients and pasta cooked to perfection.

You can’t go to Vicino and not order their special Spaghetti all’Aragosta i.e. fresh lobster, served with spaghetti in tomato, garlic and chilli sauce. The classic tomato sauce with a hint of chilli went perfectly with the half lobster we ordered. If you love lobster as much as I do, then definitely order this.

Our final pasta dish was Pappardelle Con Stracetti di Vitello i.e egg pasta with veal strips, fontina cheese & rosemary sauce. Distinct flavours, veal strips were not overcooked (yay!) and the cheese and rosemary sauce was not overpowering at all! Yummaaaayyyy…

All the flavours from each dish were distinct and stood out. However, one thing I did remember from this meal is that my taste buds did not go KABOOM! I’m just used to more punchier flavours.

To say we were in a food coma was an understatement. All carb’ed up and ready to roll home. But not that fast! There was still the dessert menu to go through…obviously.

They have a small dessert menu and what stood out was the homemade Tiramisu- it’s my favourite and I had to order it.

One spoonful and I was in heaven. You can clearly tell the difference between their Tiramisu and store-bought or batch produced Tiramisu. An apt way to end the meal with this cherry on top 😉

Do give Vicino a try if you’re in the area and craving a well-cooked plate of pasta. Service is great and personable. Check out their menu here.

For more information on the restaurant, click here.

I will be back with some more delicious treats and recipes for you guys very soon xx


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