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Food- A balancing act. Exploring Covent Garden ???#spon

Koshari Street, Covent Garden Egyptian food London

Happy Friday people!! If you’re indoors and thinking of what part of town to explore this weekend then have a read ☺️

It’s crazy how the London food scene has changed over the last six years or so that I’ve been blogging.
Talented young chefs, independent restaurants and cafes, insane ❤️ of food ?, insatiable urge to explore and cuisines from all over the world you cannot get enough of.

Covent Garden is such a tourist magnet that’s it’s almost a put off. Don’t get me wrong, I love the buzz in London and how it’s always so busy. But sometimes, you just want less of tourist traps and more of the authentic experiences.

I’ve got two such spots I recently visited (one of them a few years apart) and I had to share my experience!

Koshari Street ?, Covent Garden: 

Post-gym and on hunt for something healthy. Where do I end up? Koshari Street.

As if London isn’t full of Middle Eastern joints already- but before you judge it, try it! Koshari pots are popular on the streets of Egypt- as I was told ?

Situated on the buzzing St Martins Lane,  it’s quite hard to miss.

This isn’t really the place to warm up your bums and get cosy. It’s mainly made for a grab and go kinda crowd but if you didn’t mind having a quick bite while sat on the high stools, facing the wall then the option is there too! ? I reckon this place does well during lunch hours.

Anyway, less rambling and more about the food. So how does it work? Similar to conveyor belt- you order the Koshari pot from a choice of small medium large. As much as my eyes are bigger than my tummy, I stopped myself from ordering the large pot. And I thanked myself later for it ?

The bottom layer is a combination of rice, pasta and lentils- all the goodness you need after a killer session at the gym ? #carbs

Then they layer it with crunchy chickpeas, a tomato sauce (their own recipe), crushed nuts and spices and finally topped with caramelised onions. Oh did I mention I layered mine with mince meat as well? ? YAAASSS! Get more of that protein in too! ?

They do vegan pots as well which is equally delicious so vegans don’t have to feel left out ?

Also if you only eat halal meat, then this place is for you too! ??

Surprisingly, the medium pot really filled me up. I’d just go for the Koshari pot as that’s the best out of their menu- I mean it should be right? ?

So if you want to try something other than the grilled meats and hummus and babaganoush then give these guys a go!


11:30am- 9:30pm Monday to Friday

11am- 7pm on Sundays

​[wpvideo nk4z4ltw]​

Venchi, Covent Garden:

No meal is complete without something sweet. And when I think about sweet- I only think about chocolate ? I don’t have much of a sweet tooth  and for me less is more BUT gimme chocolate and gelato and I’m a happy girl ?

I visited Venchi a few years back and boy have they had a makeover or what!! ? I can’t believe the queues I saw outside their branches. Kudos to the team for turning it around! ??

So what’s the history behind Venchi? It’s an Italian chocolatier and gelatoria. It was founded in 1878 by Silviano Venchi.

It’s still a family owned business. What I loved about my tour at Venchi was how they have diversified into different chocolates including chocolates for people who are diabetic, so sugar free chocolate ? – say whaaaat! ?

They source their beans from some of the best places like Peru ?? and Venezuela ??

If that’s not all- they even have a gelato lab where you can creep on aaaallll the fresh gelato they make. Their flavours change regularly so they always keep us guessing ?

​[wpvideo MTAYMpgg]​​
​I’ve never been a fan of Nutella and do not eat any foods that contain palm oil. If you love Nutella and want to try an alternative then you need to check out Venchi because they not only do indulgent chocolates but also the most decadent chocolate spread I’ve tasted thus far ???

I’m someone who can eat gelato and ice cream all year long so if I want my regular chocolate and ice cream fix, I know where to go!

Do tell aboir your favourite chocolate and gelato hot spots in London. I’m always looking for new places to check out!

Speak to you guys soon ?


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