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A day out in Chelsea- Pancakes and Steak galore!

A day out in Chelsea- Pancakes and Steak galore!

Whilst you may find plethora of high end restaurants in Chelsea, I struggle to find the same vibe I find in say, Soho, Shoreditch or West London as I like things with a bit of edge. But that’s okay and it’s not a criticism- because that’s what makes London so unique! ?

If I could bundle two of my favourite things in one day- I’d be the happiest girl around. Of course it’s food related, as that’s literally what my life revolves around ? #fatdiaries

Kings Road is definitely one of my favourite places to hang and I often find myself browsing through the shops on the high street. It has so much to offer, from a massive Peter Jones to some really nice boutiques on Sloane Avenue. Admittedly your bank account does say a small prayer ?? as the temptation can get a bit too much to deny ?

But if you get tired of shopping/mooching around and want to grab a hearty lunch or dinner, I’ve got two options for you! 
It’s a new week my foodies and here’s the low down on some fairly priced grub you can find in Chelsea, and one even your kids will love!

My Old Dutch ?:

I feel like this restaurant doesn’t need any introductions. The first one I went to was on High Holborn and it’s still doing well! I’m not surprised because they offer one things almost everyone agrees on, PACAKES!, and it’s super easy on the pocket. Not to mention some regular deals they do for example £5.65 pancake deal on Mondays. 

​[wpvideo wiZWfvyS]​

Safe to say, these guys know a thing or two about pancakes ? if you’re looking for variety which includes lots of savoury options then this place is for you! 

If gorging on pancakes wasn’t enough, their range of milkshakes will definitely knock you out! By this point you may think you’re on some episode of Man V Food ? but fear not…

They also have a Lite Menu ?? which offers healthier and lighter options. You can replace the milkshakes with their fresh smoothies and keep the guilt at bay ?. Follow a gluten free diet? They got you covered as well! 

Failing that you can also order salads off their menu but please don’t do that! Frankly that’s quite insulting to a pancake joint ?

​[wpvideo bAPTej4L]​

One word of caution- their crepe style pancakes are HUMUNGOUS! I kid you not- so come with an appetite. They also do American style fluffy pancakes ? but we decided to go for the massive portioned pancakes ? #fatb*tches 

We were honestly sooooo full- I could’ve gone to sleep in that chair. 

Luckily the sun ☀️ was shining and it was a lovely day for a loooong walk! 

One more dish I would recommend, which I couldn’t order at my recent visit, are their traditional Poffertjes. They are little parcels of goodness aka mini fluffy pancakes (the best way I can describe them ?) 

The World’s End Market, Chelsea:

My walk on Kings Road usually ends where Chicama is. However walking further down you will come across The World’s End Market. 

Truth be told, I wasn’t going with high expectations. When a place claims to have the “best steak in the world” you’re instantly on the back foot. It’s always bound to be the opposite- call it my sh*t luck or a twist of fate. But that’s how it is ? 

So not buying into the hype of this unquote to teared meat by a Spanish chef, José Gordon (of El Capricho) I ventured inside the World’s End Market. 

If you like to chill and watch Netflix ? AND love steak then give Steak (R)evolution a watch. Director Franck Ribiere traveled the world in pursuit of the perfect steak, looking into various farming methods as well as tasting some of the best variety of meat around the world. What does that have to do with my post you ask? Well, Jose Gordon was featured in that documentary and he cooked, what could only be described as the “best steak in the world”      

Meh, I was sceptical. On entering the establishment…

First impressions: instant homey vibes ✌? with an open view of the kitchen- even the bar seating was comfortable! 

Scepticism aside, if one of the owners of The World’s End Pub, Sergey, traveled all the way to Spain to see what the fuss was all about, then it must be something special right? 

All the meat we ate that evening, and what diners continue to enjoy off the El Capricho menu, is brought in directly from Spain. Of course it wasn’t a straight forward partnership. It was only after José did a few private dinners that he agreed to let this establishment stock his beef exclusively. 

And so the El Carpicho menu came to be ?

If you’re a fan of Carpaccio then you MUST order the Carpaccio from Entrecôte. What sets it apart is that it’s matured for 180 days and all it needs is a modest lashing of olive oil and salt- nothing else. 

It literally melted in my mouth and I knew this José guy is my man! He’s no joke bruhhh ?

If you’re a bit adventurous then go the extra mile by ordering the Ox Tongue – cooked for 72 hours and charcoal grilled. Again- va va voom! ?

For the mains we were deliberating between the El Capricho burger or the Solomillo De Buey premium Ox steak. Guess who won? ?????????

I asked for the steak to be cooked how the chef would prefer and honestly it was mouthwatering. You can tell the premium quality of a steak when knife just glides through. 

All in all- a top notch dinner ?

You can also look at premium Spanish meat on display next to their kitchen. 

Didn’t we have enough space for dessert you wonder?? 

Don’t be daft! Of course we had a special space left in our tummies just for their dessert. The best part about going as a pair is you can order different desserts and share…in an ideal world. 

However, not on my watch bish! Joey doesn’t share!! ??? 

We ordered the Hazelnut and Caramel Cheesecake which came in a small jar. I sneaked one bite of it- make sure you dunk your spoon right to bottom aaaaand up! Not too sweet, perfect balance of nuttiness, cheesiness and caramel-iness (yeah I made that word up ?) 

Couldn’t leave the poor Panna Cotta out so ordered that too. Again- made to perfection ??

​[wpvideo gqJNjlBs]​
If the dining area isn’t enough, you can always retire upstairs to their speakeasy (and a cosy heated terrace) with its own bar. They also house some of the rare Japanese whiskies, if that’s your choice of drink. 

Verdict– in the wise words of Drake, this place went 0 to ? real quick ?

One more thing before you go, and I really cannot end this long ass blog post without telling you this…

You must’ve heard about the guys who were running the Breaking Bad style cocktail bar? 

Well they’re back with a permanent space which is housed in the basement of The World’s End!! 

So if the world’s best steak and a speakeasy space wasn’t enough, they’ve got The Bletchley for some after hours fun! Inspired from the actual Bletchley Park (central site for British codebreakers during World War II) this place is a ball of code breaking fun! A place where no two cocktails are ever the same. Great for group of friends or even corporate events – this whole building has seriously got too much going on! You’ll never escape! ?

Till the next time xx 


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