Blighty Cafe, Finsbury Park 

​​​The last time I was in Finsbury Park, it was during the Wireless Festival when Kanye West sang, sorry scratch that, had a big ol’ rant 🙄

Anyway, what a change it has been since I was last here! So many lovely quaint shops, cafes and businesses from different cultures. It’s so heartwarming to see 🤗

I don’t usually go for a full English. I just find it a plate full of grease. So when I was invited by Blighty Cafe to try their full English, to be honest I was a bit apprehensive. I didn’t know what to expect. 

The moment you enter the cafe, you instantly feel warm and cosy. They’ve still kept the features of the house converted into this cafe, the lounge area where the main dining area is so welcoming and it has so much character. 

We obviously had to order their traditional Full English called The Winston and I went for their vegetarian version of the full English because no little piggies for me 😆

The winner on the full English plate for me was the bone marrow. I LOVE bone marrow! 😍 ( and so I stole it off the plate haha) 

Shoutout for their delicious oat milk coffee ☕️ !!! I’m verrrry particular about my coffee so really appreciate a well made cup. 

So what’s the verdict you ask?? 

We LOVED the breakfast. Fresh, colourful, each ingredient on our plate had its own flavour and it was cooked exceptionally well. We’ve never liked a full English more and I understand why it’s one of the best in London. 

And no, we’ve not been asked to say nice things about Blighty Cafe, it’s because We genuinely had a great time and will definitely hit em up next time we’re in this part of town. May be after another Kanye West rant/ performance 😏😆 

Go visit them and support local!!! 🙌🏼

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