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Top Sunday Roasts in London (so far…)

Sunday roast at Temper in Soho London

Controversial title ?- I feel like Sunday Roasts are to British people what Biryani or a Curry is to Asian people. Everyone has an opinion on the best Sunday roast they’ve had and not everyone will seem to agree on the best one they’ve had. But hey, that’s life!

To stir the pot even more, imma add my two cents ? he he he ??‍♀️

HAPPY SUNDAY (+ day before work ?)

1. Temper, Soho:

Head chef: Neil Rankin (@frontlinechef) aka meat connoisseur

Closest station: Tottenham Court Road or Oxford Circus, or however is easy for you to get to Soho ??

I love the first of these Temper restaurants. The open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant is definitely the show piece and rightly so. Just don’t sit around it in your best clothes – meat smoke and all that jazz!

The second one opened up a few months back called Temper City where focus is on curries from all over the world. I haven’t been here yet so can’t offer an opinion…yet.

Third one is also opening up soon and focus will be on all things pasta ? and pizza ?

Anyway, having been in London over a decade now, I’ve had my share of Sunday Roasts. I have to say, I haven’t enjoyed a Sunday Roast as mouthwatering and amazing as at Temper. I’ve brought friends here and even they agree. It’s definitely my number one and this plate of epic proportions does not need anything extra- not even salt or pepper.

The best part of their roast is they don’t make you choose between lamb, beef and pork. You can have it all!! I don’t eat pork so I just went HAM on the lamb and beef. Expertly cooked meat, mahoosive Yorkshire puds, perfectly roasted veggies and you know the best part?? A BIG PIECE OF BONE MARROW! ? although they’ve sadly stopped doing it now. Last time I went they kindly added a piece of bone marrow for me. Just ask nicely ??? ??‍♀️

2. Plum + Spilt Milk, King’s Cross St. Pancras:

Controversial choice for a controversial blog post but hear me out, plus the photos will do justice!

I’d heard about Plum+Spilt Milk but I had not been here. I thought it was more of a brunch-y place and/or very traditional British cuisine. It’s actually part of the Great Northern Hotel.

I’ve been loving restaurants within hotels recently. Service is always impeccable and they’ve been putting out some really good food rivalling independent restaurants.

My friend was coming over from Paris via Eurostar and I thought why not try out Plum+Spilt Milk??

So convenient to even grab a lovely meal before a train out of London…

The interior is gorgeous and very regal. Every corner is a photo op.

Anyway, back to what I had here! It was a Sunday, I was starving and since I hadn’t had a Sunday Roast for a few weekends now- I needed my roast fix stat!! ??

We all went for the Sunday Roast (beef). At first glance, I thought to myself that meat ain’t filling my tummy ? #fatdiaries but safe to say as always my eyes were acting bigger than my tummy ? the portion size was perfect. They are proud of the fact their meat is sourced from Mey Selections.

Delicious beef, crispy Yorkshire puds, fresh vegetables and the best roasted tatties I’ve had so far. Fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside…

If devouring this meal wasn’t enough, we had to go for the trio of desserts- obviously!

Dark Chocolate Mousse is heaven on a plate albeit quite rich followed closely by the Iced Peanut and Salted Caramel Mousse.

I couldn’t breathe after my massive meal but who cares, breathing is overrated anyway ?

3. Pig and Butcher, Angel:

Surprise there’s no review or photos as I haven’t been recently BUT I’ve been here countless times and this restaurant is an all rounder- perfect Sunday Roasts, lunches, dinners and epic (and hard to book) Christmas meals. Part of Princess of Shoreditch family- it doesn’t get better than this place. It gives you the feels of a country pub in the middle of a bustling town!

Trust me and just book this place for a Sunday roast- thank me later ??

Bonus entry:

4. Blacklock, Soho:

The problem with eating out too much is that you cannot keep count of where you have been and where you need to go. The struggle is real and very first world, might I add.

A friend of mine reminded me how delicious Blacklock and I have to agree, although it’s been over a year when I last went- this restaurant is booked up every Sunday without fail.

The reason it’s a bonus entry is because I like to solidify my reviews for a particular place over a few visits so I can be sure if I’m saying it’s one of the best- it has to be. With anything else, lists are always quite subjective especially when it comes to food. Anyway, feast on these photos and if they make you salivate- then you know you gotta go here!

Hope you liked my round up of the top three. This, by no means, is a static list and will keep on changing as I try more places. If you’ve got recommendations, please do share. I’m always open to trying out new places to eat #eatliketheresnotomorrow

Also, you should follow me on Instagram @food_diaries_london so you get real time food updates ?????????????????


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