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Hump Day Special: The real, real Greek at Hungry Donkey

Hump Day Special: The real, real Greek at Hungry Donkey

Where do I begin…being a food fiend (yes- fiend ??) that I am; I have a habit of hunting down places of “foodie” interest. And I’m quite resourceful when it comes to that!

One fine night when I couldn’t sleep ? and hunger took over, I was browsing through food photos on Instagram (as you do ?) and I came across the most delicious and drool worthy fries smothered with the creamiest feta cheese. I NEEDED TO FIND THIS PLACE.

My investigation ??‍♀️ led me to Hungry Donkey. A new opening within the heart of Shoreditch, the bustling Commercial Road to be precise. I had to go there and eat most, if not all, they had on offer. As the millennials say YOLO ✌??

That was November 2015. How time flies. (To read about my first experience at Hungry Donkey, check out my Nov 2015 blog post here)

I had my birthday lunch here as well and everyone LOVED it ?

Fast forward to today, and I got the opportunity to visit them again. This time to try out their new Weekend Brunch menu. I am a massive fan of Greek food. They seem to have it all don’t they? The weather, the food, the beautiful landscape, immersive culture, gorgeous beaches and the welcoming Greek people. No wonder, British people love escaping to the Greek Islands whenever they get the chance.

Having been to Mykonos for my birthday recently, I was craving my local Greek food fix. Luckily, Hungry Donkey tapped my shoulder at the right time.

So, what was I doing here this time other than just going into another food coma?!

They have recently launched their weekend brunch menu and I’m totally living for brunch nowadays. Someone who’s not a fan of eating first thing in the morning (surprising right?!) brunch is the best thing for me to start the day, especially weekends.

We made our way down to Commercial Road. On a side note, I remember when Commercial Road was slowly becoming the hub of upcoming restaurants. Now you can find some of the best restaurants there: Hotbox, Somsaa, Breddos Tacos, the pub Culpeper and Hungry Donkey, of course ?

Their brunch menu is short and sweet – just how I like it. Sometimes you don’t want to be bogged down with endless choices when a few expertly picked dishes are more than sufficient. If you’ve been following me for a while (six years to be precise), you know I’m always honest with my reviews and give a genuine account of my visit.

So, having skimmed the menu over a frothy cup of almond milk cappuccino ☕️, we ordered the following:

  • Spanakopita (Feta and Spinach Pie)
  • Greek yogurt with wild thyme, walnuts and orange slices

For mains, we went with two different types of eggs:

  • Strapatsada: eggs scrambled with fresh tomato ?, Cretan mizithra cheese ?, basil and olive oil
  • Hungry Donkey: Eggs sunny side up ?, Greek sausage, mushroom ?, peppers on grilled sourdough bread.

…And some pita bread to share

Their portions are generous so the above was more than sufficient to share between two people. I have to admit we were struggling to finish our food by the end.

For my brunch partner, who is not a fan of mushrooms, but to finish off the Hungry Donkey dish and still rave about it, is pretty good going.

When you eat at Hungry Donkey, you really are eating fresh and carefully sourced ingredients. You can taste and smell it in the food they make.

To top it all off- they’re as good a value for money as they were two years ago. For quality wholesome food and not looking to annihilate your bank account, I would highly recommend you visit Hungry Donkey. You will not regret it! ?

Hope you guys enjoyed this Hump Day ? special and it gives you something to look forward to for this Easter weekend ? definitely try and book as they tend to get quite busy but I’m sure they’ll be happy to accommodate walk-ins too!

Oh, as a bonus here’s a photo of my daily breakfast I enjoyed in Mykonos. Hungry Donkey is a close second ?


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