Recipe: How to elevate a simple fried egg

Poor ol’ fried eggs are seriously underrated. In the world of Shakshukas, Khaginas, fancy omelettes – there’s still a gap that the humble fried egg needs to fill πŸ˜„

So! Here’s how I elevate mine, and damn does it make a difference..! 🀀

Fried egg

In a non-stick pan, on a medium low heat I add a few tablespoons of the Monini Olive oil (I swear by this olive oil, I do all my cooking in this oil and it’s one of the best!!)

Once the oil has heated up, I crack the fried egg. While the egg white is still runny and uncooked, I add a small pinch of fresh sea salt, a pinch of coarse black pepper and a big pinch of herbs.

I find this step is key as the flavours gel together a lot better while the egg is cooking. I also turn the heat to a low so the egg white gets crispy around the edges but keeps the egg yolk runny.

You could be creative and add roasted tomatoes, or crumbled feta cheese on top, even chop up spinach and let it set within the egg white- options are endless πŸ˜„

I mean just look at it 🀀 that’s all for now folks! πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ³

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