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Orasay by Chef Jackson Boxer

Potato Flatbread, Smoked Cod’s Roe, Pomelo Kosho- Orasay Notting Hill

While Notting Hill can be quite touristy because…its Notting Hill! Doh ? there are some credible restaurants opening on this side of town which don’t break the bank but also excite you every time you visit.

While admittedly people in East London get spoilt way more than West Londoners when it comes to the latest and greatest in food, I’m quite glad Chef Jackson made his way west side to shake things up. I’ve followed his work for a while so Orasay was definitely on my hit list ?

Orasay Notting Hill

  • Location: 31 Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill
  • Closest Station: Notting Hill Gate
  • Cuisine: Inspired by the Western Isles, focussed on fish and seafood
  • Reservations: Book here
  • Occasion: Al fresco lunch with some girl friends
  • Cost: ££
  • Perk: There’s always something new on the menu

Fried stuffed olives with squid rags- Orasay Notting HillPotato Flatbread, Smoked Cod’s Roe, Pomelo Kosho- Orasay Notting HillThe girls and I ordered a bunch of different dishes to share from the menu and shared everything. We had such a lovely time catching up, one of our friends Courtney was visiting from Canada (chef @afoodawakening) and I hadn’t seen Connie (of Connie Consumes- check her food blog out!!) We all met at a Food Blogger event years ago and stayed friends ever since ?

The food was so fresh and each dish was unique. I loved the varying textures and flavours within each dish- sometimes even contrasting but weirdly worked. The only dish I didn’t quite get was the fried olive with squid ragu- I couldn’t really taste the squid ragu. Definitely order that potato flatbread!

Sea bass, violet artichoke and purple kale- Orasay Notting Hill

The vibe at Orasay is so relaxed and welcoming – I could imagine going there on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, have a leisurely lunch and then walk down Portobello Road ☺️

Raw shorthorn beef, Scottish prawns, burnt horseradish-Orasay Notting Hill

Well done Chef Jackson and your team for creating such a beautiful space in Notting Hill. Check out his insta– always mouthwatering content!


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