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Berenjak: A Persian gem in Soho, London

Iranian food, Berenjak Soho

I absolutely LOVE Persian food. I’m pretty confident I’ve eaten at almost all Persian establishments in London. If not, hit me up with some of your favourites please 👍🏼

So when JKS Restaurants (of: Hoppers, Gymkhana, Flor, XU, BAO, Lyle’s, Sabor, Trishna, Brigadiers…I mean the list goes on!) announced they were collaborating with Chef Kian Samyani and bring Persian food in the heart of Soho- I was like wow, how can they compete with all the Persian establishments in town? Could they top off places we already have in London?

Iranian food, Berenjak Soho

But I think this is where we need to stop- there’s no point comparing this restaurant to the Arianas, Alounak, Sadaf, Kateh, Mahdi, Kish… the list can go on. Different demographic, it’s in the heart of Soho therefore cost to the business will be different, the vibe is rustic chic hole-in-the-wall-type restaurant.

  • Location: Romilly Street, Soho
  • Closest Station: Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road
  • Reservations: Book here
  • Cuisine: Persian
  • Occasion: Lunch, Dinner
  • Cost: ££-£££
  • Notes: Berenjak was awarded a Michelin Bib Gourmand in 2019.

Kashke Badamjan, Iranian food, Berenjak Soho

Black chickpea hummus, Iranian food, Berenjak Soho

In short, they have. And kudos to their head chef and team behind Berenjak for this consistency. Service can be on and off sometimes, but food has always been on point! 👌🏼

Iranian food, Berenjak Soho

The quality of their meat and ingredients is top notch. Their black chickpea hummus is my absolute favourite 🤤 They often have special dishes on their menu especially over the weekend.

One time I went, I had their special Kofteh Berenji (main image at the top) : lamb meatball  stuffed with split pea lentil and rice in a rich tomato sauce. I would’ve hoped for punchier flavours but I really enjoyed it.

Iranian food, Berenjak Soho

I’m never disappointed with the food every time I’ve been to Berenjak. I love the portfolio of restaurants under JKS Restaurants and I love how they’ve changed the game introducing not just stand out chefs but variety in cuisines as well. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Iranian food, Berenjak Soho


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