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Brigadiers, Bloomberg Arcade

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London

I can’t not mention Brigadiers on my blog and add it to the top 10 in London. Being Asian you’re always sceptical about Indian or Pakistani food outside of your home ? why pay for it when you can eat it at home right?! haha

I have to say I had low expectations with Brigadiers- I was thinking it’s going to be overhyped, overpriced food full of people in city who are just there for a drink. Even though I work in the city, I don’t want to hang out in the city ??‍♀️

Why go there when I can have the same or better food in East London, Wembley or even Southall? I’d heard quite mixed reviews before I went and I wasn’t sure. But I decided to go nonetheless and actually, I’ve always had a good time there- food being the main enjoyment.

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London

HOW WRONG WAS I with all my preconceived notions (but also based on past experience. I’m not that fickle ?)?!

Right, basics first…

  • Location: 1-5 Bloomberg Arcade, London EC4N 8AR
  • Closest Station: Bank
  • Reservations: Book here
  • Cuisine: Indian, inspired by Army mess bars of India
  • Occasion: Lunch, Brunch, Dinner (suitable for all occasions)
  • Cost: ££-£££

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London

I’ve been to Brigadiers for their Weekend Naashta (breakfast), a big Birthday lunch, work dinners and dinners and drinks with friends during weekdays as well as weekends. This place has been consistently smashing it! ??

First of all the food hits all the right spots- from the quality of food to the taste that brings back all the nostalgia of home. Even though I’m Pakistani, the shared love of food and similarities in our culture and cuisine (because we were once part of Indian sub-continent) is enough to invoke that longing of home all us immigrants miss so much! ?

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London




So whether you’re going for a lazy weekend breakfast, brunch or even Lunch or Dinner- Brigadiers is an all occasion venue wrapped up into one slick package. Is it a surprise that this establishment is also owned by JKS Restaurants? They’ve got a successful track record and Brigadiers is another trophy on their mantle.






The service is always great and they’re so accommodating for e.g. I don’t eat pork and for the weekend naastha we requested if I could have a different meat option. They happily accommodated my request and even gave me extras as they felt my portion was on the small side. I mean that’s service! ?

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London

They’ve got different rooms and they’re also showing some sporting event so for the men in your life- this place is perfect. Bar, sports, great food, pool room, private dining- it’s designed so you spend your whole day there! ?

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London

Can you find cheaper options of Indian food some where else in London? Of course, you can. But it’s also unfair to compare. The ambience, experience, vibe, food presentation, creativity in the menu, travel involved, convenience etc.- the determining factors are not on the same level and quite subjective based on what you, as a diner, value in that particular moment.

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London

Go, enjoy and have a great time! There’s always somewhere new to explore in London so definitely include Brigadiers in your list- at least once.

Brigadiers, Indian food in Bank London


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