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Recipe: Super easy roasted sun blushed Cherry Tomatoes

homemade roasted cherry tomatoes recipe

I ❤️ tomatoes ?!

My fridge is always full of different types of tomatoes: vine, cherry, piccolo, in passata form…it’s all there ?

Rather than buy packaged roasted tomatoes from super markets, I’ve started making and preserving my own. Easy on the pocket and I can make it in big batches.

Once made, they’re super versatile to use: in pastas, toasties, eggs…options are endless! 

homemade roasted cherry tomatoes recipe


  • Cherry tomatoes of your choice
  • Sea salt. I use Maldon Sea Salt flakes
  • Mixed herbs (oregano, basil, coriander) or you could use just one type if you prefer
  • Olive oil- has to be a good quality olive oil as it makes such a big difference. I either use Monini or Il Casolare extra virgin olive oil 
  • I , sometimes, like to add fresh chopped garlic (also helps with preserving)

homemade roasted cherry tomatoes recipe


  • My way of cooking is quite rustic and I don’t follow exact portions or quantities. Get a big non-stick dish or in the absence of non-stick, stick a sheet of foil, and drizzle olive oil on top.
  • Slice the cherry tomatoes in half. If you can’t be bothered, just put the whole tomatoes in with stalks. I’ve done both versions and they’re both equally delicious ??
  • Sprinkle sea salt, herbs as per your preference and add in the garlic.
  • Mix with a spoon or clean hands ?
  • Stick in a pre-heated over of 160 degrees. Let the tomatoes cook for 20-30 mins, regularly checking in between.
  • They should start to caramelise and have a roasted sheen.
  • Once ready, you could either remove some of the oil and keep it separate for dunking bread in it ? OR you could transfer all of it in an air-tight jar.

And your roasted sun blushed tomatoes are ready to be enjoyed ??‍?


homemade roasted cherry tomatoes recipehomemade roasted cherry tomatoes recipe


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