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COVID-19 Impact: Our friends in the hospitality industry need us!

lack of government response on COVID 19

Update: Government has announced their relief package for our friends in the hospitality industry. For all the latest and breakdown of what this means to you, please visit CounterTalk website . If you’re looking for alternative supermarket delivery options, scroll down 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

We’re living in very uncertain times right now. Rather than become another news source, I wanted to share some quick information and sources that will keep you updated. Most importantly how you can help our friends in the hospitality industry right now.

While I’ve been working from home, I’m currently dedicating my lunch breaks to see how we can help those left with no sources of income and an unknown future. My social feed has been inundated with sad news of closures, promising careers cut short prematurely and temporarily, staff being made redundant and exceptionally talented people now having to fend for themselves while the Government response has failed to give the confidence and safety net it is there to provide… (trying hard not to go into a rant 😒)

So I’m writing this blog post as a public appeal to those who are in a position to support our friends in hospitality, connect businesses/individuals to those who need their help right now…

covid19 impact on hospitality industry
Stats image NOT owned by Food Diaries London

A massive positive I have seen through these unprecedented times, is the immense sense of community that has arisen, people within and outside of the hospitality community coming together to support this industry when they need each other the most and the resilience that shines through every one of them- it is a bittersweet moment. One thing I’m confident though- this industry will bounce back 💕 #strongertogether

Mazi Notting Hill, Greek Food
Mazi | Notting Hill, London

So here’s how these business are now tackling and evolving their business models to reflect the environment we currently live in:

  • Cafes, food businesses, restaurants are now turning to take away and delivery models. Check your local food businesses and their socials. Also check restaurants you know of and always wanted to go to- everyone’s chipping in! 
  • Industry suppliers are opening their supplies to everyone, especially with supermarkets shelves going empty (mainly because of inconsiderate and selfish people)
  • There are now talks of restaurants turning into mini-supermarkets to deal with the shortage in supply and to sell surplus food whilst supporting their local communities.
  • A lot of food businesses are now offering discounts to the bloody brilliant people at NHS 🙏🏼💕 Some notable names I’ve come across are Black Sheep Coffee, LEON, McDonald’s, Pret, Grind Coffee…I’m sure there are more businesses joining in.
  • Online food blogs and publications are now dedicating their time in bringing you the latest and regularly updated information.

Watch this space and keep yourself updated on how this situation is progressing- it’s changing on the hour and goes to show how dedicated and resilient this industry is. THERE.IS.NO.GIVING.UP.HERE!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I’m keeping our Instagram Stories up-to-date and trying to share the information on our social channels.

Some helpful sources of information:

  • CounterTalk Blog
    • Nicola from the CounterTalk team has written a helpful and practical guide for businesses.This is being updated daily, so worth bookmarking!
    • They’ve also started a list of freelancers who are now out of a job and can support, with people in the industry joining from all sides ❤️ // Sign up to their newsletter via their homepage and follow their socials esp. instagram account @countertalk
  • If you’re worried about your financials and government guidelines, keep abreast of the daily updates on the UK Government website linked here.
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA): the UK conduct regulatory body for financial firms is closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. They are working closely  with the Government, the Bank of England, the Payment Systems Regulator and firms on this. So keep updated with information on support for consumers via their website.

Crowdfunding to Support the Hospitality Industry:

Hospitality Action COVID19 Emergency Appeal
Image owned by Hospitality Action

For those who are not aware, Hospitality Action is a reputable organisation within the Hospitality sector. A bit of background: Established in 1837 and has since offered vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK. So yea, you can trust your money is going to the right people. (I’ve donated btw so it’s not just hearsay)

They have now launched the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal Fund:

“COVID19 Emergency Appeal
We urgently need to build a significant fund to enable us to make a one-off award to eligible workers suddenly facing hardship. Please give whatever you can today and leave a note in description that it is for the Covid-19 Hospitality fund.”

You can donate through their website linked here.

Please, please support your local food businesses and ask them how you can support them in their time of need.


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