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Review: Fresh Fruit & Vegetable boxes delivered to my home! + Donate Doughnuts to our NHS

homemade scrambled egg and chicken sausage Bagel sandwich using B Bagel Bakery box

Hello!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I hope you’re well keeping well and safe. Staying indoors and being sensible, ignoring the chaos in the news and trying to maintain some kind of zen. And boy is it a struggle?!

I feel like if I could draw a graph of my feelings since this lockdown, it would look something like the image below 😂 And especially like me if you’re self-isolating away from your family who are not in the same country- well sending a big cyber hug 🤗 your way.


Rollercoaster | Canute's Efficient Running Site
Image copyright: Canute’s Efficient Running Site

Right, let’s get down to business shall we?

If like me, you can’t be bothered to queue outside a supermarket physically or virtually online, there are LOADS of options available to you. We are VERY lucky and privileged to be in this position especially if we’re able to make use of these options. I recognise, I speak from a place of privilege but I hope these options may be of use or if you’re thinking of sending a loved one, one of these care packages then it’s a great option too! ☺️

If you haven’t read my previous blog post about various options available to you, I’ll link it here.

I’ve definitely order and used more services since then- so I wanted to do a round up of the ones I’ve actually used and what I thought of these. All services mentioned below have their websites hyperlinked in the titles below so you can go straight to their website via mine 👌🏼

  1. First Choice Produce:

I ordered by fresh and fruit box from First Choice. They not only offer set fruit and vegetable boxes but you also get an option of adding in extras- of those they’ve got plenty!

Fresh Fruit and vegetable delivery from First Choice Produce UK

Delivery is within 2-3 days and there’s also an option of next day but as I ordered this box at the start of April, you’d want to check their latest delivery information here.

I ordered some extras like fresh 1Litre juices and extra fruit that wasn’t part of their regular boxes. Although I’m ordering for 1 person i.e. me, the stuff I order lasts me almost a whole month. I also love preparing and freezing most of my vegetables so I can make casseroles, add them in my stews or curries. Options are endless.

All in all, I’d recommend them. The only downside was the 7:30AM delivery on a weekend- didn’t enjoy that neither did my flatmates 😂

  2. B Bagel Bakery Platters:

A sister brand of B Bagel Bakery in Fulham and Soho, they also offer home delivery on platters and pantry boxes. I was craving something more brunch style and less on the copious amounts of vegetables. There’s only as much fruit and vegetables I can eat on my own 😂

You’ll have to check on their website if they will deliver to your address, depending on where you live. The really good thing I liked about their delivery was the fact I could choose my delivery time (no 7:30AM wake up call! phew) and the delivery presentation was spot on!

B Bagel Platters London
Image copyright B Bagel Platters, London

I’ve also been missing going out for brunch and so I wanted to re-create some brunch classics at home. So B Bagel’s Brunch Duo+ box was perfect for me! I went for the Duo+ box for £44 rather than the Duo box for £26. This meant I didn’t have to do grocery for another couple of weeks.

Not a fan of sausages but damn do they make some awesome chicken sausages 🤤 Look at my creation at the top using this box, definitely ticked the 🔥 brunch box…


   3. Wolf and Lamb: 

I received my delivery from them today and super chuffed 🤤. If you order before 3PM on the day, they will deliver within 48 hours.

I ordered their Weekly shop box (£39.50), but realistically this box will last me at least 3 weeks, if not more. The selection of fruit and vegetables may vary but what I received in the box was almost what was advertised. As long as I got my pantry items and pasta and cheese, I was happy haha! (carbs are life! ❤️)

The Weekly Shop from Wolf and Lamb home delivery
Image copyright owned by Wolf and Lamb
wolf and lamb fresh fruit and vegetable delivery London

I also used my good friend Ed’s (@OneHungryAsian on Instagram) 10% discount code (use ONEHUNGRYASIAN), which was great! every little helps 🙋🏻‍♀️

I ordered some extra bits from their website so I don’t need to go out to the shops at all.

wolf and lamb pantry selection home delivery London during covid 19

Special Mentions:

I also ordered a Baking Box from Social Pantry but it seems they have stopped doing any boxes and home deliveries. But check out what I made- Ravneet Gill’s (of Puff Bakery, ex-St John et al) famous Chocolate Chip Cookies which have been going viral on Instagram!

Social Pantry Baking Box London home delivery

Ravneet Gill recipe Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ravneet Gill Pastry Chef's Guide book

I hope this post was helpful to you. There’s so much choice now, which is GREAT by the way, but it also becomes hard to choose. So I did the ‘hard work’ for you 😂

I hope this situation gets better soon, but most of all you keep safe and sane. Check in with your friends, family and loves ones 💕 Never will we take people and how easy we have it sometimes for granted. Which brings me to the next part of this post: opportunity to donate to our front line workers in the NHS.

CrossTown Doughnuts:

CrossTown Doughnuts are doing this AMAZING initiative where you get to donate a box of doughnuts to one of the hospitals in the NHS. You get to brighten up someone’s day and give them an energy boost they SO deserve. Rowena Carey, the brains behind this brand is a beautiful and generous soul. I did some fundraising with my friends for NSPCC a few years back and she very graciously donated to our bake sale. Kindness pays ❤️

Anyway, I digress- you can donate a box of doughnuts via their website linked here.

Crosstown doughnuts donations to NHS powered by you
Image copyright owned by CrossTown Doughnuts

They update you once the box has been donated and where it was sent. If your chosen hospital is full on donations, they’ll deliver to the next hospital that is still taking donations.

Anyway, I think I’ve written a long enough blog post 👩🏻‍💻 …Speak to you soon! 💕🤗


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