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Food and Drinks Consultancy

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Hello! ?

I’m so glad you thought I could be of some assistance to you ? Before we jump into business, I’d like to talk a little bit about me and why I think I’ll be the person to help you…

I’m Nida (pronounced Ni-th-a) I’ve always been passionate about food ? and drinks ? as far back as I can remember! I ‘officially’ started my food blog / website in 2012 but in reality it started off as a humble Facebook Group back in 2010 discussing all things food. It grew organically and evolved into what it is today. I’ve been following the evolution of food industry, especially in London into what it is today- a thriving, living and breathing entity of diversity, packed with flavours and celebrating the multiculturalism of Britain.

I rarely talk about what I do as a ‘day’ job and I feel the benefit of the two combined is immense. After 3 years of Telecommunication Engineering, I decided I wanted to take a more creative route and ended up getting a First Class Honours in Marketing ? as my major. I worked with Apple, went on the digital agency route (helped set up a Food and Drinks agency) and then ended up working in business and technology transformation in Banking via Big 4- covering everything from Strategic deliverables like customer experience and customer journey mapping, 3-5 yr roadmaps to managing and delivering global technology led programmes. Life’s been a rollercoaster ? and I’m loving it!

Food wise- I’ve been following this industry for the last 10 years. I’ve been writing about it, watching it grow and collaborating with some amazing food brands, restaurants, cafes, PR agencies and companies along the way. From working on a top secret product development for a global ? chain to collaborating with a supermarket chain- it has been an experience and a half!

We offer the following services but if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, I am more than happy to sit down with you over a cup of coffee or tea ☕️ /?. Just fill-in your info in the contact form below and I’ll take it from there!

Please remember my advice and work is always personal, with you and your brand in mind. We don’t cut corners and I won’t take on any work I don’t believe in myself and/or feel I will not be the best person to deliver it for you. But I will always point you in the direction of talented people who will ?


Web Development

UX & UI design

Influencer Partnerships


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Hello / Khushamdeed/ Hola/ Bonjour?

It’s so lovely you decided to pop by ? If you would like to keep updated on all things food, please do sign up via the Subscribe button below.

While I have you here, you can also check out the Services we offer (found under the FDL HQ menu) where we offer consultancy services for food and drink brands and bespoke itineraries to suit your needs.

⏰ If you’re in a rush and want to check out my Top 10 places in London, then click on the Food Map via the main menu.

? I am always happy to collaborate with the brands and companies I adore, so please drop me an email or contact me via my social channels (preferably Instagram, linked at the top ?)

I hope to see you again, and again, and again ?!

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