Sofra is a group of Turkish restaurants that have their branches in St. Christopher’s Place, Covent Garden, Mayfair and St. John’s Wood. Ozer is also another restaurant which is a part of the same group. I regularly go to their branch in St. Christopher’s place. Their service is exceptional and food is always tasty. Their prices are little on the steep side however they do the lunch hour which starts from around midday till 5-6PM and their set of mains go for £8.95 and there’s a wide selection of dishes to choose from.

This is one of my most favourite restaurants in London and although some of the photos date back to 2010, their food and service is still the same. They have maintained the high quality and they get busier day by day. The only criticism I have is their experimentation with food portion size. I am someone who’s very big on quality as well as quantity and I don’t like the fact they’re holding back on the portion size. Or may be I’m just being greedy 😛

I did a previous post on the breakfast they do, which you can view by clicking here. For further information on Sofra and their menu, click here. Browse through the scrumptious photos!

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