Levant – W1U 2SJ

If you’re going out for a celebration and do not mind spending £40-£50 pounds per person in one sitting then this is the place for you. A Middle Eastern experience, this place is beautifully decorated, has a warm and cosy feeling to it and it is a very nice place to go out for a meal with your loved one(s). They do set menus for dinner so that includes staters, main course and dessert plus mint tea. Their dinner menu is pretty standard with a vegetarian option, meat and fish menu. On my first visit, we chose all three and we started off with a plethora of starters- babaganoush, hummus, falafel, sambousek and what not. And then the main courses came through. These menus are set to share between two people. If you have TasteCard they also accept that and you get 50% slashed off the total bill!! But conditions apply so make sure you check them beforehand and you have to book it in advance and let them know you have a tastecard. There are certain days you cannot use it like weekends.

It is located right behind St Christopher’s Place, tucked away from the craziness of Bond Street, where you’ll instantly feel at home with delicious smells wafting through not unpleasant to the nose at all! There is music, people enjoying drinks near the bar trying out the mezze selection or sitting down for a full blown celebration. There is something for everyone. The portions are quite huge so make sure you go with a good appetite.

An interesting fact I did not know is that this place is owned by the same person who started the Comptoir Libanais food chain. For more information and special Valentine’s Day menu, check out Levant’s website here (they are perfect for the day). Till then, feast your eyes with the photos!

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